Connecting a PS4 controller to Ableton

I’ve downloaded TouchOSC on my iPhone and have been using it to control parameters in Ableton. I now want to connect my PS4 controller to Ableton, either via TouchOSC or another way, but I’m totally stumped. I can connect the PS controller to TouchOSC and it’s sending messages but not from there to Ableton. I’m losing my mind trying to figure it out. Help!

(sorry, can’t help!)

Its quite common to use gaming peripherals as midi controllers- i used my ps4 controller on ableton on pc

Alas came here rushing in here to tell them how and saw that its Apple ecosystem and now im confused and scared

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Would it work the same for an Apple computer? I’m guessing I need some interface between controller and Ableton but I’ve tried TouchOSC and it didn’t seem to work.

I used Xinput which is Direct X related (to recognise the controller as a generic Windows supported gamepad) - thats windows native so wouldn’t work for Apple devices. PS4 controllers by default dont come with drivers for Mac’s or PC’s so there needs to be an interface between to do allow the controller to been properly with the devices. I assume thats the issue you’re running into (but u mention you’re using TouchOSC which I guess could work as an interface) but cant really go into it further as the whole OS and the applications available is completely alien to me.

A quick google only yielded me results saying Steam supports it but nothing more about using it system wide