Could you name every track in order from an album of your choice from memory?

Just got challenged to do it, thought it’d be possible easy. Literal piss.

Turns out I couldn’t fucking do it. Couldn’t think of track 6 on Beck’s Mellow Gold. Only had about 30 seconds to choose the album and list them.

Harder than it seems maybe.

I think I could do it with a handful of albums perhaps


I think this is all my memory is good for.

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most favourites yeah, although i might struggle with some i haven’t listened to in a while

I could do a few, but no more than 10. Only old albums though, I have no idea what songs are called anymore

Could do it for Alexisonfires self titled and Crimes by Blood Brothers

Any The Cribs album, definitely.

Bowie’s Berlin trilogy

Different Class



Reckon I could do fevers &. Mirrors, lifted and IWAIM, maybe not lifted actually

Yeah i could do Sigur Ros ( )


In the aeroplane over the sea.

Basically anything that

  • I owned on cd
  • I was obsessed with at some point from 14-18
  • I still listen to relatively regularly
  • has 12 tracks or less
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I’d draw for Person Pitch because it’s a spritely 7 songs.

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Think I’d really struggle tbh

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I thought that, but when under pressure I fucking bottled it

Monkey & bear
Sawdust & diamonds
Only skin


Could do this easily for something like OK computer


Doin’ it live!

I Wanna Be Adored
She Bangs the Drums
Don’t Stop
Bye Bye Badman
Elizabeth My Dear
Shoot You Down
Made of Stone
This Is the One
I Am The Resurrection

Woah this is tough! Thought I knew that album backwards and I’ve missed a song completely.
On looking: forgot Song for my Sugar-Spun Sister and muddled the order of Shoot You Down and Made of Stone.

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In the aeroplane over the sea

King of carrot flowers pt 1
King of carrot flowers pts 2 & 3
two headed boy
The fool
Communist daughter
Holland 1945
Oh comely
Two headed boy pt 2

Mightve fucked up the order in the 2nd half

Airbag paranoid alien exit let down fitter fuck! Is it karma police before fitter? I fucked up

The Sunset Tree

You or Your Memory
Broom People
This Year
Dance Music

Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod
Lion’s Teeth
Song for Dennis Brown
Love Love Love

First five right. Fucked up the order a bit on the second half and forgot 3 (!) songs.