Country music thread for cowpokes

This is a thread for blue yodels, hoedowns, and being best friends with your imaginary horse

I’m really enjoying this Marfa Tapes record by Miranda Lambert and a couple of her pals, recorded outside on a ranch in a homey atmosphere. It’s honest and fun and I love hearing Lambert away from a shiny studio.

Looks like they filmed it too? Nice sunset

Good silly one

Hit me with your old favourites, new discoveries and Sunday morning breakfast playlists

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Hey look this thread sunk without a trace! Now it’s back because I’m still loving Jaime Wyatt’s Neon Cross record from last year. Good crossover potential for non country types as well I think.

In other news, Sturgill’s new bluegrass concept mini album is a delight, and I got a Charlie Pride best of from the dump, which is cheesy but good. He was supposedly the first black country star, so I guess was doing enough mould-breaking without his music itself being especially unique. Still, he has a treacly voice and it’s all of an era where it sounds nostalgic for something I don’t really understand, which I like.

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This thread deserves better. Unfortunately you’ve covered all the recent country music I’ve heard and enjoyed already! Both the Miranda Lambert et al and Sturgill albums really hit the spot.

Not listened to loads of country to be honest. Did go to see Caitlin Rose a few years back, she’s got some really nice tunes.


Cool, love me some country/bluegrass (old school). @Fintans_Cat might have some love for this thread to. I’ll start out with a live performance from Old and in the Way. Any not familiar, Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead on banjo. An unreal talent of musicians David Grisman on mandolin, Vassar Clements on fiddle, John Kahn string bass, Peter Rowan singing.

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More Garcia with David Grisman. Love this track, Doc Watson cover. Garcia’s voice here A+.


Not a big country fan but I love this cover by The Melvins and Hank Williams III

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I was pretty obsessed with alt-country/Americana around 10 years ago, and I still listen to a fair bit. Richmond Fontaine were (and still are) my favourite, due in part to Willy Vlautin’s amazingly evocative lyricism. He’s a great novelist as well.

Really miss these guys, although Willy’s new(er) band The Delines have a really solid country-soul thing going on:


Enjoying this album - its got the song off the leftovers series 2 on it


I’ve been listening to a lot of Tammy Wynette since listening to her episode of Cocaine and Rhinestones. Current favorite:

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Fantastic album, this. Waxahatchee is such a good song

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A couple of bluegrass albums that came out in September I’ve been enjoying. Bela Fleck particularly, absolutely phenomenal banjo.

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On a bit of a country/alt country trip at the moment so looking forward to checking out some of the links in the thread.

In this vein, I revisited some Bill Mallonee/Vigilantes of Love work this week. The album’s not on Spotify but this is a lost gem:

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Going to keep tabs on this thread, listening to the Rolling Stone 500 Songs I really enjoyed the country entries

Bela fleck’s 1987 album Drive - set a new benchmark for bluegrass. Just a stunning piece of work - traditional, contemporary, timeless…

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Enjoying the gentle rolling mood of Brent Cobb

Lovely fellas as well.

My brother played about 8 Luke Bryan songs in the car yesterday, apparently he and his friends are mad for it. I’m not sure I share their fervour personally.

One of the greatest voices, we’re long overdue a new album.

And a track from the greatest alt country record