In the free time I have had over the festive period I have checked out some games I have bought a while back and neglected on my PS4.

This began with looking at Baldur’s Gate (the first one) and I was thinking to myself, this looks terrible, etc… then I realised I’d been playing it for 4 hours straight, so something is there clearly.

Then I moved on to try Disco Elysium again. This feels like it has been fixed on the PS4 in comparison to when I first tried it. You have to be in the right mood for this game but it is pure brilliance when the mood is right. The options in it had me laughing out loud at the screen, just the idea your character would say or do such things, excellent writing and is this the only computer game ever without combat?

I also dipped back into Wasteland 2 & 3. The character creation for 2 is excellent however the camera and travel system in the game let the game down quite badly. In 3 I got stuck pretty quickly and gave up, it is a lot more polished than 2 but I’m not sure if it is a better game.

Finally, I bought Planescape Torment : Tides of Numenera (which is around £7 on the PS store right now). I wanted to try Divinity : Original Sin II but couldn’t justify dropping £50 on that digitally but will look out for future price drops.

Tides of Numenera was the biggest surprise. It feels more like an actual book of the Citadel of Chaos type and it really captured my imagination. The sci-fi setting is more my kind of thing than the Baldur’s Gate style. Also the moral questions, which seem continual, the game seems to be as much about you, the player, as the game, and I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced this before on this level in a game. It feels like an interactive book, the systems the game uses clicked easier than any of the others mentioned above and the combat, when that actually happens is varied for each of your team and very engaging. I flit about on games too much but can see myself completing this game and Disco Elysium where as the others I mention I will probably put down.

I am pretty keen on Divinity II, has anyone here experienced that game?

I haven’t murdered anyone in Animal Crossing yet, despite my best efforts


The Dizzy games were generally quite peaceful affairs.

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Maybe the way you played them

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Tetris only got good when they made it a battle royale


You can usually pick up Divinity 2 quite cheap on PS4 (physical). I got it for Christmas. If I actually play it soon and finish it I’ll send it to you!

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There have been so many versions of Tetris it would be a surprise if there isn’t a “rusty hook fight to the death” edition by now

Ah shit they’ve reduced Divinity II to £19:99.

Worth this?


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Reading up on it again now, it’s pretty much a done deal.

Great dialogue and storylines. Brilliant and challenging battles. I really really loved it.

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Picked up Divinity II on the Switch before Christmas, had a quick go of it but realized I needed to carve out some solid gaming time to devote to it so will be playing it properly some time this year.

Absolutely loved Disco Elysium. Played it at the same time as my brother played it and we would compare notes as we played as we both took very different paths in the game and had different outcomes which was great.


Really looking forward to this some time this year! (Disco)

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Thanks for the nods, I picked it up, downloading it now. I really started clicking with Baldur’s Gate but something slightly more modern looking will fit the bill I think, eager to give it a whirl. Loving Disco Elysium a lot but do have to be in the right frame of mind to play that and miss combat a bit in it.

Obviously Lemmings doesn’t have combat although you are required to kill some Lemmings occasionally.

If you want to get REALLY into your role-playing games on computer then there’s:

Which will be like Baldur’s gate a bit as it’s the 5th Edition D&D open ruleset (i.e. free so cut down a bit and not including loads of the more complicated extra stuff). Baldur’s Gate (the original one) was based on 2nd edition (A)D&D but I’d say 5th edition is definitely the best yet designed: complicated enough to not be boring but simple enough to not get you bogged down.

There are also two Pathfinder games. Pathfinder is a complex version of D&D 3.0 - the rules for that edition were made purely open source. There’s the original Kingmaker game

and the new one

Fair warning that Pathfinder has a lot of complexity and options. Lots of feats and things you will want to take on early levels that are not that useful but it’ll be because you’ve got your eye on a particular type of variant character you’ll be able to kick arse with at like 8th level or something!

If you’ve not played Dragon’s Age Inquisition (came out in 2014) I can definitely reccomend that especially as the long awaited follow up is rumoured to be coming out at some point in 2023. Fun combat but what I really enjoyed was the host of characters you rotate in and out of your party as well as the ability to send different groups out to run missions from the war table in your throne room which are carried out while you play through the main game. You can decided what would be the best aproach, with your advisors making reccomendations (do you send your scholars out to investigate some ruins to see what you can learn hoping the place is deserted, or maybe some agents to check for traps and loot the place instead?)

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I picked up the Shadowrun Trilogy for the PS4 yesterday. Of all the CRPG’s I have tried this is so easy to get into and is gripping from the start of Shadowrun Returns which I figured is the one that should be played first. It’s not overwhelming and I can’t put it down tonight.

The music is great, no spoken words but the combat and system management is so straight forward. The story clicks immediately and it feels like an isometric Mass Effect with Fallout 1 or Fallout 2 presentation, but better than that, much better. It’s feeling like a Bladerunner pulpy novel with you at the centre of everything. The cyberpunk setting is superb. Off to a seedy bar in it to get hammered…

This is sooooo gooood, bribing cops with donuts and everything good.

Them Halloweeners had better watch out…

Solasta, which is an RPG based on D&D free rules, looks to be 60% off on Steam. At least here in Aus, but I assume it’s a worldwide thing @anon75298087