Is there a less geeked out about bit of equipment than cymbals?

Is anyone a cymbal nerd?


A friend of mine once saw Mastodon in Dawsons in Manchester, solemnly inspecting a cymbal.




I got myself a brand new cymbal supplier
They’re really good they’re Sabian
They’re great they’re Sabian
I got myself a new cymbal supplier


Snare dorks are everywhere. No one really cares about cymbals - even the drummers I’ve met who claim to care really just mean “I want ones that last a decent amount of time”.


This thread is partially driven from me buying a new ride from a charity shop the other day for £20, as a back up. Got it home and gave it a quick ting and it sounds really great. Then I put it away and haven’t actually played the drums for a month or so.

It might be brilliant, it might be shit, I have no idea. And I’ve been playing the drums for quite a few decades.


Oh shit, sorry I misread this! I thought you meant MORE geeked out. I extract my contribution :smiley:


I want to get a minimal Low style drum set up, just a snare, cymbal and tom. What is the cymbal to get, I’m thinking a ride as its most atmospheric and in software instruments has the most variation, but I’ve noticed there is a cymbal called a crash/ride, what is this, would it be better?


crash/rides definitely exist as a separate thing, but in my experience, you can crash any cymbal you like if you hit it hard enough. Have always played ones simply billed as “rides” then crashed the shit out of them. I did have one ride which didn’t really like it though, and you would really need to go through it or it would go WOBBLEWOBBLE instead. I would just get a cheap ride off eBay and wang the shit out of it. Job done.

I suspect a proper drummer would say otherwise though!


Think I’m gonna get this one


Bet it is a little trashy but totally fine. Main issue with cheap cymbals is durability, but will probably be alright, and at £60 doesn’t really matter if it gets jiggered after a year or so.


I’m only planning on using it my room with brushes, so the crashing was kind of theoretical


Will be totally fine for that.