Dark Mode

I’m stuck on dark mode, please help me. PLEASE HELP ME.

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Edit: This should be the way you do it, but this is a genuine defect that Juke has found.


Done it, it changes but the second I go back to the forum it reverts to dark mode.

Did you save changes, like in the second arrow?

If so, then refresh a bunch of times, might be a caching issue.

Aye. Not a cache issue, was happening at work too, and on my phone. WHAT A NIGHTMARE

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Can you change to one of the other modes?

maybe if you go to pink or something first you can come back to normality

Right, I went into your profile and changed it to ‘default’ and saved so I guess see if that works?

Nope :smiley:

I can change it to everything but the standard theme. On grey now, but it’s fugly. If I change it to the standard one it appears for a second and then reverts to grey when I click away from settings.

Try changing it now.


yeah this happened to me and a few other people in the thread about the changing colour of default mode

I can switch between everything except default

I have created a new account so I can browse this place at work. This has been a deeply upsetting turn of events.

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I tried to reproduce it as Juke described and the exact same thing happened with me. I’ve raised a defect about it with Discourse.

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I think it happened when the default changed from grey to white the other day, though that could be wrong

I could definitely change between them fine when Sean initially added the new options

they fixed it

that was quick

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Yeah, just tried to reproduce it and it’s working fine for me now.

How about you @AQOS & @juketwo?

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