darts (rolling thread)

The draw has just been released for the PDC World Championship.

Players to note:

Ricky Evans is the fastest man on earth. check out this 180

Paul Lim aka the first person to throw a 9 darter at the world champs is still involved at the age of 67. If he beats Joe Murnan he plays his 2nd round match in the evening session on 22nd December.

You may have seen me banging on about how awesome Fallon Sherrock is. She’s got a round 1 match against Steve Beaton who holds the record for most world champs appearences. If she gets through that she’s playing in the evening session on the 22nd December.

Dirk van Duijvenbode is an aubergine farmer who walks on to completely ott Dutch hardstyle. He’s playing his first match on the 22nd December in the evening session.

I’ve got a bet on Jonny Clayton to win it. He’s been on fire this year.

I’m also going to the evening session on 22nd December. Legit so fucking happy with how the draw has turned out.

Imagine not fucking loving darts eh? Impossible

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I don’t really watch darts but it’s good fun when I do. Nice touch to make the thread ahead of Darts in Sound meat on Saturday too.

Have posted before about knowing a professional darts ref who is an absolute roaster but also kind of hilarious to summarise (loves Steps/Vengaboys, trained as an accountant, won Countdown, trainspotter, love rat, darts ref)

was a tournament on itv4 last weekend I should’ve made this thread in advance of that so people could get hyped via a freeview event

Just bought my Now TV sports pass and I am ready for this.

Also just finished reading Ned Boulting’s darts book. Worth a read

I’ve got band practise tonight ffs

Lllllllllllllllet’s play daaaaaaaarts.

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Ricky Evans vs Daryl Gurney was magnificent from the walk ons to the end of the first set

tonight should be good too, Lisa Ashton in the 3rd match and Lewis vs Anderson to finish in a rematch of the 2011 final (won by Lewis) and the 2016 final (won by Anderson)

Incredible arrows


I lost my shit at this, lovely stuff

2 nine darters in 2 days!

more people have stood on the moon (12) than have thrown a nine darter at the world champs (11, up from 9 at the start of this edition)

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FFS I keep missing these. Amazing scenes

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a 9 darter that doesn’t finish on 12s before

Also very satisfying after an afternoon playing darts to see MVG miss 6 darts at double 8. Feels very my level

He’s having an absolute nightmare on the doubles


Always find it bizarre that Simon whitlock can be good at darts. Such an awkward looking action

Love the darts.

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Barney vs Cross earlier was good fun

Barney looked like his soul had been sucked out. He was a husk.

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Appreciate this is a year old, but I’ve not seen it before…