Dawson’s Creek

Midway through my first watch of this. Big Dawson shaped problem, not as fun as the OC. But some delicately written stuff. 7/10? Reckon I’d be 9/10 if I’d watched it at the time. Should in theory be catnip for me but the soundtrack is awful


Team Pacey


Yeah big time and I’m only s4. Some really clumsy homophobia re his bro though.

Very big fan of the arc where he became a stockbroker and lived in a loft and drove a sports car. Absolutely massive “we have no clue what to do with this character” vibes.

Don’t bother with spoilers as my level of investment is ‘in it for the memes’ and it’s 25 years old so


Abby Morgan storyline was very s2 Friday night lights wtf feels

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Ooh they’re going to a rave. Someone just recommended a morcheeba record (part of the process is fine)

never understood Dawson’s beef with Pacey for liking Joey, Pacy liked Joey first after that fairground (I think) episode. Dawson thought he owned Joey or something.

favourite bit is when Jen throws away Charlie’s (?) signed copy of pinkerton for cheating on her


Can’t wait for this

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the Breakfast Club episode is deeply cringe.

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The film noir one was atrocious. Quite liked the Blair Witch one tho.

Channel 4 aired this at like 10pm rather than the show’s usual early evening timeslot because it was too scary.

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