Deaf Institute and Gorilla in Manchester closing down

Well this is rubbish.


that’s very sad, they were good venues


Might they reopen under different management? Even as part of a big corporate behemoth.

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oh man, this is so so rubbish :frowning:

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Utter shit news

Deaf was a lovely building


They already are part of a chain in Manchester, Deaf will probably turn into Spoons or something shit

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fuck, don’t say that, that’d just compound the shitness

(that’s the kind of thing I’m afraid of too)


Saw Preoccupations and Panda Bear in Gorilla, two of my absolute indie faves, hard to imagine them or artists like them swinging by the North West very often what with all this and Brexit.

What was Gorilla before, I can’t remember?

Surprised they are closing though would have thought the company could have kept as they always were rammed, could’ve reopened as bars too. Goes to show I guess

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Really sad about this. Deaf Institute is great for small bands, and Gorilla great for medium bands. Both bars are great and do decent food too. A real shame

Deaf was a great venue. Really shit news.

The Green Room comedy club

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This is awful. My two favourite venues. Devastated.


Ffs. AJJ at deaf institute was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

Saw loads at Gorilla too.

shit news. Proper shit

Just said in the other thread the Deaf Inistitute was knackered before coronavirus all those sort of gigs have gone to Yes. Haven’t been there since before Yes opened I don’t think.

Struggling to think what could replace Gorilla, it is the only small to medium venue in town? Maybe The White Hotel?


Love both venues :frowning:

Nah the White Hotel is well ropy!

Rebellion on Deansgate is okay but more punk or metal based.


Something else aren’t these 2 Trof & Albert Hall part of the same group?

And I like ropey remember when The White Hotel it was The bunker and people played in the wooden cage.


Gutted about this. Gorilla is probably my favourite venue in town and seen some great gigs and attended some good club nights.

If I’m honest though, I probably wouldn’t see myself attending a gig at either venue in the next 6-12 months.