Decent bands influenced by Radiohead?


Are there any? The only bands I can think of are Travis/Coldplay/Muse/Keane (etc.) though I wouldn’t call any of them decent.


Talking Heads


Atoms For Peace


They only made one album, but I always thought that Lewis, late of Deep Elm records, had maybe heard a couple of Radiohead records in their time…


Scouting for girls and the wombats, think that’s about it.


the influence is quite subtle, but I assure you it’s there:


Hard to judge who influenced negative mate.


Scroll down to ‘Followed By’

Of course it’s hard to tell whether any of that is reliable. No idea where they get their information from.


Some cracking bands in that list though


Humphrey Lyttleton.


Blonde Redhead

well '00s Blonde Redhead anyway


With some good modern jazz stuff like Gogo Penguin you can tell they’ve been into them while learning to play/compose

Dunno if this counts but it’s great:




Martin Grech




Grammatics. Though they were much more interesting than radiohead.




I think that by what you’re considering as “influence” you mean “bands that intentionally sound the same as”. Those are rarely very good.

Otherwise like half of the Pitchfork approved indie of the 2000s. Stuff like Notwist, Grandaddy, Wilco, TV on the Radio etc.


Danny Brown
Blonde Redhead