Dinosaur Jr @ The Borderline 12th December

Tickets just gone on sale. £12 or so.

Fuck me that’ll be loud in there.

On at midnight, so be wary if travel is difficult

Dinosaur Jr playing at midnight. Night bus it is then. Also gonna take Weds am off work.

Usual, got mine from Alt tickets.

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Been hovering over tickets, but given that it’s already my football team Christmas curry that night, plus the work office party the following night, and then Gogol Bordello on the Thursday night (plus I need to keep it together for my daughter playing Mary in the school nativity that day), I suspect that a 2am finish on the Tuesday might do me in for the rest of the week :-1:

Have fun anyone going. It should be an absolute blast :+1:

Oooft would be so up for this if I didn’t have tickets to the Roundhouse the next day. Lucky as I don’t think my body could handle a 2am curfew on a worknight.

First time posting on the new forum for me… Cheers for posting this. Really didn’t fancy the Roundhouse, but this will be fantastic.

Do you mind sharing the Alt Tickets link? I can’t find it… Thanks!

The gig was listed as Peace On Earth but seems to be all sold out now :frowning:


I bought my ticket before checking the stage times! Not sure if the tickets are transferable but I won’t be going now, work would be a killer the following day. Email me.

Hi Steaddn, if the ticket(s) are still going I would happily take off your hands. Can you send me a message please?

I’m going to this, but like everyone else I didn’t notice the stage times. I’ve got to be at work at 6:30…in Cambridge.


If anybody has a spare ticket please be so kind to let me know. Ta

If anybody has a spare ticket for Dino Jr please be so kind to let me know. Late xx

You lucky guys
(glad to know there are so many Dino Jr fans around here!)

They were ridiculously good in Glasgow last night guys. I went hungover and hoping for a short set so I could get back to bed. A few songs in and I didn’t really want it to end and went home buzzing.

If you have to stay up till 2am and be a Zombie at work the next day, just do it.

Yeah. It’s Christmas - acceptable to be like that at work from the 1st of December IMHO.

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