DIS Album listening club

Who’s in? Some sort of arrangement where we all agree to start at the same time and comment as we go through here? Like the twitter ones, but not full of other people and tailored to the forum’s tastes. We could take turns picking the album and do one a week maybe?

Give it a click if you’re up for it. If not then don’t.

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Hmm… minimal takers so far then…

I like the idea in theory but with two young kids and a job that whilst WFH involves being on the phone most of the day I am unlikely to be able to stick to a given time. Would likely listen to the album in my own time and contribute to the thread later if that wasn’t frowned upon, but the agreed start time is why I’m not voting in.

Would be more than happy for people to chip in afterwards. I expect that if there is support I would aim to run once a week at the same time and people who can make it turn up. Certainly don’t need it to be formal though and people could dip in / out as they please.

Yes if it’s at a time convenient but I work shifts etc…

Minimal response so far - bumped for the evening folks,. Will see how it looks in the morning but there doesn’t seem to be any appetite this far…

I think between the HGIIR albums threads and those 1001 albums ones, plus a couple of active listening clubs, there might be a bit of over-saturation album wise. It’s a good idea though, just dependant heavily on times etc.