DiS but for Electronic/Ambient/Drone

Hi chowheads,

Recently discovered the DiS forums and have to say I’m both excited and surprised to find such an active group of passionate music fans carving out an existence for themselves amongst the howling hellscape of 2019. However, if I’m being 100% honest, my own tastes veer rather more towards the electronic side of things than I think is the consensus here, which has left me wondering whether anybody who maybe flits between both domains could suggest any similar forums they might have found catering to that bent. All the sources I currently rely on (reddit aside) are strictly unidirectional, web-magazine, ‘here-are-the-three-officially-designated-tunes-for-this-week’ kind of deals, and I’m desperately trying to find something more like an actual community.

Realise that it’s a bit cheeky to ask for directions to a forum that might be seen as a competitor, and if this does breach some kind of rule (although I have checked and couldn’t find anything) then I certainly won’t bear any ill will towards the mod that takes this down. I can see on the top of the page that there’s a donation drive going on right now, though, so if somebody can point me in the direction of something suitable, then I’d be happy to put a little something towards that as a thank you to the community.


(side question, but have you checked out the community experimental electronic label, Disintegration State?)


Also to answer your question, you might like the Twoism message boards and also We Are The Music Makers (the latter possibly more cliquey? But I ain’t checked em in absolutely years tbh)

Twoism have a decent community, quite a few artists post on there (some quite well known ones used to, too)

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Hi! To be honest I tend to just hang out on Dis, so not sure about other forums but there’s some great ambient/drone/electronica chat here.

2019 rolling thread here (there’s a 2018 one too if you search it):

We also have a listening club thread but I don’t think that’s kicked back off again this year as people have been quite busy:

The Monday Graveyard thread will take you to a wonderful podcast for this kind of music hosted by top Diser @escutcheon

And finally as @manches said a few of us make electronic/ambient/drone music and last year @Twinkletoes and I kicked off a little record label to release the brilliant electronic music being made by Dissers. Thread for that is here:


I’ll just echo all of this (partly as I started 3/4 of those threads!). Think there’s a strong core of posters who are pretty deep into these genres. You’ve also got this for more club-oriented electronic music.

Also, if someone wants to take over the listening club, please be my guest! I’m struggling for time with the label plus life but I enjoyed that hugely last year.

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Also I moved this to the music board. Mainly just to flex my recently acquired powers.

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Really appreciate all the suggestions, guys, sorry if I was judging the forum too hastily! Think it’s maybe down to the fact that the last time I was consciously active in the scene it was 2009, I was at uni, and everything was so right in front of me that I got a bit lazy about it. I’ll check out the threads that you mentioned and see what sticks.


ambient/drone/electronic boards as echoed above. Will change your life.

I’d second the Monday Graveyard thread, for obvious reasons.

But yeah, the community on here is super healthy, and sticks mostly to it’s own wee thread. Defintely worth sticking around mind.