DiS Users' July 2017 Album Of The Month

Vote for your favourite album and also your second and third choices. Make your selections clear please as it makes tallying up the scores easier. If you list a whole bunch of albums without making your selections clear I’ll take the first three mentioned as 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. No joint positions please. Sorry to be a pedant.

Your album of the month will get three points, 2nd placed album two points and 3rd placed album one point. If you name only one album I’ll give that three points. If you name two albums I’ll score them with three and two points accordingly

  1. Waxahatchee - Out In The Storm
  2. Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds From Another Planet
  3. Fightmilk - Pity Party

Both Waxahatchee and Japanese Breakfast albums are great. Both previous Waxahatchee albums are better than the latest for me and both made my AOTY top fives in the year of their release. Impressive that Katie Crutchfield has had such strong run of album releases. Her sister’s album earlier this year is brilliant too.

An interesting change of sound for Japanese Breakfast from their last album. Jane Cum remains my favourite song of theirs. I saw them three times live last year and remember them playing a new song that I now know to be Machinist. I didn’t like it at the time and thought I wouldn’t like their change of direction. Luckily I was wrong; an excellent album.

A brilliant EP from a DiS user Scott Cheg’s band Fightmilk. Great live too. Definitely worth checking out. I played their song New Year’s Eve a lot on my headphones over the last few weeks.

Please forgive any shameless bumps of this thread during the week. I’ll keep this thread open until Sunday 6th August and so you’ll have over a week to listen to today’s releases before choosing.

Vote now!! (Or later in the week) but make your choices clear please.

As it stands:

  1. This is the Kit - Moonshine Freeze
  2. Cornelius - Mellow Waves
  3. UMM - Double Worshipper

Still some listening to do, and things may change. But I will have to discover something pretty good for TITK to be displaced as no. 1.


  1. This is the Kit
  2. Broken Social Scene
  3. Japanese Breakfast
  1. Waxahatchee
  2. Japanese Breakfast
  3. The Dears
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Manchester Orchestra
Japanese Breakfast

Oh and Fightmilk, obviously :wink:

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  1. This is the Kit
  2. Japanese Breakfast
  3. Boris
  1. Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm
  2. Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder
  3. Cornelius - Mellow Waves
  1. Boris - Dear
  2. NIN - Add Violence
  3. Dasher - Sodium

bonus, because released in July, but recorded in 1990:

  • Ministry - Live Necronomicon
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  1. BSS - Hug of Thunder
  2. This is the Kit - Moonshine Freeze
  3. Avey Tare - Eucalyptus
  1. Flotation Toy Warning - The Machine That Made Us
  2. Terror Pigeon - We Will Never Run Out Of Love
  3. Broken Social Scene - Hug Of Thunder

Not heard or your first two choices. I’ll check them out.

Not heard of*

Flotation Toy Warning are sort of like Mercury Rev/Grandaddy-esque, just more laid back with a deeper voice.

Terror Pigeon are an excitable danceable poppy band that might irritate, but I quite enjoy.
The first song from the album (Chamber of Secrets for 1) is one of my favourites from the year, just super catchy: We Will Never Run Out of Love! | Terror Pigeon

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  1. Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm
  2. Shabazz Palaces - Quazarz vs The Jealous Palaces
  3. Jay Z - 4.44
  1. The Fall - New Facts Emerge
  2. The Hayman Kupa Band
  3. Terry - Remember Terry

Another cracking month.

  1. Sheer Mag - Need to Feel Your Love
  2. Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy
  3. Dizzee Rascal - Raskit

although I’ve only just discovered Manchester Orchestra and on first listen they could break into the top 3.

  1. This is the Kit
  2. Japanese Breakfast
  3. Cornelius
  1. Toro y Moi
  2. Fake Laugh
  3. Japanese Breakfast
  1. Waxahatchee - Out In The Storm
  2. Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds From Another Planet
  3. The Jimmy Cake - Tough Love

Really enjoyed the new releases from Public Service Broadcasting, Alan Vega and Avey Tare too.