Discography series 1: Frank Zappa



Some of you may have come across this, but if not (and I’m assuming you have some interest in Zappa or you wouldn’t be reading this) then you should definitely check this out. Marc With A C has committed himself to listening to the entire Zappa catalogue (2 CDs per week) and then presenting his reappraisal in podcast form, divided into roughly 90 minute chunks. It’s a really good listen regardless of whether you’re a hardcore fan or a more casual listener. Links to the first three episodes are below, there’s a further two (I guess?) still to come.


St Cronin to thread


Here’s the next episode:
Spoiler: he really, REALLY hates Thing Fish


Jumped straight into part 3 whilst cooking dinner. This is really great stuff, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Last episode of the series:
Marc deserves extra credit for ploughing through the ‘You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore’ releases, which are definitely the least essential part of the Zappa discography. Like I said, this has been an excellent series, certainly worth a listen even if you’re new to Zappa (perhaps especially so).