Discovering music through Instagram Stories

Someone told me the other day that the way kids find out about new music these days is through Instagram stories.

Is this true? I never even look at Instagram stories. They are always uninteresting. I asked someone else for a second opinion and they agreed.

Is this a phenomenon you are aware of?

Is this what they were talking about?

I’m asking in the wrong place really, aren’t I

hang on while I fetch my reading glasses, cardigan and a cuppa and I’ll get back to you:joy:

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i check out instagram stories if it’s someone i know irl/am a fan of

I guess could be a good thing, would the instagram story credit the artist or would you have to rely on the person who made it to tag it etc?

Me, everytime I look at Instagram stories: I hate Instagram stories

Nah though for real, I’ve seen people link to tracks on Spotify on there, so I’m not surprised really? It’s a bit like a better version of that This Is My Jam website thing, innit, letting you share new obsessions, just on a platform that’s already popular.

Actually think this is a better use of Instagram stories than how most of the olds I know use it tbh

You can link Spotify tracks in them. Seems bizarre to be your main source of discovery though


you can share via spotify and it looks like it does when you play it on yr phone. imo tho the “click to open spotify” button should be easier to find

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Yup yup

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it would be good if they could make it so it autoplays a snippet of the track and then a big round “click to listen to more by…” appears or summat. as it stands you have to click a tiny link in top left corner, a lot of people don’t notice it.

i quite like instagram stories tbh, there is potential for it to be a good discovery portal. and some people are funny with it too. i just can’t abide the mundane “here i am getting off the plane/drinking beer and watching tv” stuff.

Yep this is why I don’t like them. Just another extension of the worst aspects of Facebook.

Wonder if many music publications make use of it - maybe this is how DiS should be using it’s Instagram (cc @sean )


warp label do it, it’s how i got into a few new artists. and a number of publications do too i think.

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I am a youth 24 and I always turn the sound off on IG stories

oh yeah it should be optional like it is now, just they should make it easier to access the artist page if people like it

I watched the suspira trailer on an IG story recently, so that’s a thing

I like posting pictures of my wife and I and then playing really inappropriate music from Spotify over the top, Death Grips ‘No Love’ or something like that.


Would be good if they added a seperate category or something purely for music stories, a ‘discover’ section or something. I usually jump straight to mute my phone if it isn’t already because the stories are usually uninteresting/adverts/screaming idiots.

I share some of what I listen to on insta stories, it doesn’t play the song though. Not particularly sure why I do it, don’t really expect anyone to care or click through ¯\(ツ)

To do the whole linking thing with Spotify, you need the spotify app, which I don’t have, so the one time I tried to do it, I failed miserably.

If I see someone I like tipping something, I sometimes try and give it a listen, and I’ve discovered one or two new bands as a result this year.