Do You Think Being Signed To A Record Label Is Good These Days

A few of us are on Disintegration State and we’re all billionaires now:

Seriously though… even though it is an independent label it has had a big impact on getting my music (and a lot of other people’s) heard in the wider UK underground community. I don’t think I would still be making music if I didn’t have some sort of formal outlet for it and the support offered by having even a small community of like-minded folk can be invaluable.



I love being on my record label Sharp Records.


He’s done it. Just check the classifieds board. Although the two YouTubes were deleted so maybe the SC is too

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Pretty much this for me. At the very least, the sense of purpose to it has made me think more ambitiously about what an album should be as a continous thing rather than my musical output being just more or less random choons cobbled together in my spare time


And i was just happy to be on the Dis State train in advance of the inevitable Warner Bros buyout and subsequent moolah-quake


I’m just glad all that talk of a breakaway Ambient Super Label has died down now.


These days, if you sign to a record label, you’ll be arrested and thrown in jail.


Happy St Record Label’s Day for Friday BUT THE LIBRA MEDIA WILL CALL US RASHERIST :angry::georgia:

And Get It BANNED (camp)

@RyanDamaskrnb Which artists have been complaining?

I’ve already sold you* to Sony in perpetuity. Soz.

*and all rights to you

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There’s only one thing worse than being on a record label - not being on one

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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…

…was being signed to a record label.

A bird in the hand is worth two signed to a record label

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Don’t let the record label take you out to lunch

Let them take you out for dinner instead

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i’m enjoying these threads. shutup theo


Bit of a necessary evil for anyone who isn’t already well known to get their product out there I think.

The same is true of the publishing industry. I’m working on a children’s book right now and, yeah I could self-publish it and sell to under a hundred friends and local people, but I’m acutely aware the accepted route is to sign with an agent and they get you a deal with a publisher.

It’s not right, but it’s okay.

Sign me to a record label once - shame on… shame on you. Sign me - you can’t get signed again.


I have a gratuitous cameo in the new Hideo Kojima game

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