Do You Think Being Signed To A Record Label Is Good These Days

A lot Of Artist Being Complaining Lately What’s Your Thoughts

I don’t mind it.


As a fan I don’t really care I’d prefer bands to be signed to labels though so they have some visibility so it’s easier for me to find them if they’re good and they’re more stable/likely to have a 2nd and 3rd album.

Ryan, you start a lot of very general open threads but you don’t seem to participate in any pre-existing threads. Have you considered posting in some of the other threads on here?

Why Does it matter


They can do it by themselves though the good manager we’re by themselves I still can invest

What’s the general context here though? Are you talking indie bands or just any act in general? I don’t think you can really fault any artist for believing in their craft and wanting more money which a label can provide. Lots of different artists/bands come from different backgrounds.

I think deep down yeah we all want our favorite up and comers to do it independently but it’s just difficult to do so in today’s market.

Especially if you want a wider audience.

Not everyone can be Fugazi.


It just seems like you have no interest in engaging with the community so you’ll likely find little interest in engagement with your threads and posts.

That’s Sure

Like I said what why does that matter and I’m trying to look for ones I want to do engage with

But like I said with the right manager Or you doing it by yourself and how you invest yourself properly you can get that because the labels gonna want you anyways

Having a manager (assuming they are experienced and have respect in the industry and actual contacts, as opposed to being one of the band’s mates) is rarely going to be an ongoing thing if a record contract isn’t assumed to be a goal I would think, unless the band is already established.

Could be wrong.

My project will have an album out soonish. We don’t have a record deal. How do you affectively promote/make people aware of an album without a record company doing it’s thing? Likelihood is you/we are lost in the sea of bandcamp…

If you’re an artist with profile then it’s obviously totally different.

You know this dumbass fella is growing on me

Just wish he’d get to the point of spamming whatever shit he needs to be TL2 in order to spam…

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I hear artists are frequently signed to major labels after they gain the required trust level to share their music on the DIS music and social boards


There’s something quite sweet (and/or naïve) about the way that music board folk don’t care about this. Like someone called RitaFan2020 will start a thread like What New Songs Do You Totally Love! and the text will just be a blatant spam advert for the new Rita Ora single or something, and everyone will just innocently post new songs they like without a second thought.


This is exciting news! Fame and fortune (finally) awaits!

In all seriousness, and because I am nosy, I was looking for a ‘this is my band’ thread, is there one?

I was having a bit of a sly dig at the OP to be honest :grinning:. It’s nice to share music with DIS and there definitely are share your music threads but my searching abilities are poor

If you are after validation via likes though posting pictures of any cute pets you might have is infinitely more efficient

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I’m curious to hear the song Ryan will inevitably plug because he’s been doing some decent “no, I’m a very real and contributing member of the forum” groundwork for it. Drop it on soundcloud, king!

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