Do you watch films more than once?

What’s the point?

How exciting is it gonna be the second time?

You already know what happens, can’t you think of something better to do?

Some yes


Are there any films so good you wouldn’t even want to watch them once?


Also this is a really stupid question, there are many reasons to rewatch films:

You’ve not seen it for ages and love it
You’re studying film and need to analyze shit
You’re sure you missed little details the first time
You didn’t like it before but you’ve changed and now reckon it’s up your street
You want comfort from a familiar story or characters


Why not watch a film you haven’t seen instead?

Why listen to an album you’ve already heard? Why eat a meal you’ve already tried before? Why drink the same beer more than once?


They’re not the same though

I feel like I’m falling for some transparent trolling and I’m gonna step away now x

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Do you only listen to a record once?!


Do you eat the same meal more than once?

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Nah not really. Would much rather see something new

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You wouldnt download a car twice


Very rarely, although there are plenty of films I don’t mind watching again if I have to.

My TV recorder has about six months of unwatched stuff, so I don’t have to.

Sometimes, if it’s a classic. Some films that get slated I’ve enjoyed, but will never watch again. As the first time they were decent enough to make me think ‘I want to know what happens next’ Prometheus being an example.

Tbf sometimes theres some where I forget the plot or something but then i just read it up

Yes. Loads.
Sometimes I never want to watch a film again even if it was really good e.g. Schindler’s List

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Do you compete in me tournoi more than once

I came in here to post precisely this.

See also: Scum; Audition; Requiem For A Dream.

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I tend to fast forward through all the talking bits too. If I wanted dialogue I’d listen the the fucking radio.