Drowned in Sound's Albums of the Year 2016 - DiScussion Thread


I’ve just finalised our list to publish tomorrow (just checking it twice, etc). There are hopefully a few surprises in there alongside some obvious choices. What do you predict will be number 1 or is likely to make the top 10?

I’ll be hosting a special of our - now monthly - radio show from 2pm on Soho Radio tomorrow talking about the list and revealing the top 5. Tune in from 2pm online at http://www.sohoradiolondon.com/ or using their app or if you have Sonos using the TuneIn Radio option http://tunein.com/radio/Soho-Radio-London-s223796/


Here are our staff top 3s


That’s a lot of people getting it wrong…


List is compiled. Coding it all up now. Publishing it in a bit.


Here it is: http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4150679-drowned-in-sounds-16-favourite-albums-of-2016


Quite a boring list IMHO but I respect your decisions and appreciate this website and community.


What would you have preferred to have seen in there?


I wouldn’t prefer anything tbh Sean as then it would be my list as opposed to this website’s. I’m probably not representive of the kind of clientelle that would be reading this list normally though I just didn’t see much there that I haven’t seen in most other similar websites.

My list is here fwiw and I am finding it odd how overlooked Noname seems to have been this year from a lot of publications not just here: The forum album of the year discussion thread


Cringing at Bowie being at the top of lists. I can ALMOST see why someone would give it an 8 (Andre’s score) if they were considering his legacy and the fact it is slightly innovative, and if they were feeling generous, but it’s really weird that people are pretending it’s one of the best of the year just because he passed away.


That record was one one of our staff’s lists and I hadn’t heard ‘of’ it so will investigate henceforth.


I’m not pretending, pal.

Honestly think it is a masterpiece. And it has got me on a voyage into jazz.


It’s really brilliant, I know you’re not hugely into hip-hop but I think you’ll find something to take from it for sure. I was legit expecting to see it high up in a lot of lists this year as it’s got the added benefit of fitting some very relevant and zeitgeisty “narratives” as well (which is way more a reductive sentence than I want it to be) but I’ve not seen it in many so far.


It was getting raves before his death.


@Antpocalypsenow have you heard the new Rapsody release, Crown? Best MC around right now for my money and suspect it may be up your street.


Yeah, I’ve given it a once through and enjoyed it. I suspect I might like her as a guest spot artist more than an album in her own right artist (same as I feel with Danny Brown tbh) but I’ll definitely go back to it.


Fair dos - think that’s how I feel about yer manderson .Paak. Pretty obsessed with her at the moment.


Ironically I can’t think of a Paak guest spot that I’ve enjoyed that much tbh!


Disappointed not to see The Kills up there


Me too. Was on my personal list though https://www.facebook.com/seaninsound/posts/10154570170146113


As said above, respect you guys opinions, but a really really boring list.