Dying your hair

Did sun-in once as a teen, went orangey of course. Other than that, it’s just been the plain old brown till the grey started creeping in. Had a chat with my wife about whether I should dye it, and ended up deciding to leave it natural as a bad dye job is probably worse than none at all and I can’t be trusted.

What colours have you had? Any you would like to try?

Currently sporting some purple/lilac tips.

My reasoning is as I’m on the decline (hair wise) this is my last opportunity so YOLO

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Realised recently my boss dyes his hair as he came in the other week with it suddenly jet black.

I was thrilled to find a grey hair on my birthday, I assumed my hair would fall out before it turned grey, so this is a positive achievement for me.


As discussed previously, I had a very short-lived spell where I dyed my hair black with red bits. One of my regular old-lady customers (the aptly named Mrs Grunger) in the shop I worked at told me I looked like snooker player Matthew Stevens who was sporting a similar style at the time and I never did it again.

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I get mine highlighted in the summer and lowlighted in the winter. Otherwise it’s a muddy blonde that isn’t v inspiring. So I get caramel and pale/ white streaks done in the summer and then tone it down in winter. If I go in the sun it all goes white though.

Use this to keep it looking fresh and to avoid brassiness creeping in- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fanola-No-Yellow-Shampoo-350ml/dp/B00RWCDM4A

I don’t think I’d ever dye my hair.

I wish my hair would go grey, rather than just falling out.

Have wanted to get a proper all over blonde dye for ages but work in such a demure office I’d be looked upon as an actual mad man. I’ll do it next time I’m between jobs or go on a long holiday.

My hair is exceptionally dark so will need to be an expensive salon day rather than a bleach in the bathroom sink job.

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I haven’t got any hair on my head.

I wish I did.


The only time I’ve dyed it, it was ‘cosmic blue’ or something, which was totally undetectable because I have dark hair anyway. That’s how meek people go wild!

Subthread: Anyone died any body hair of any sorts? I mean intentionally.

my hair is greying and falling out

I don’t mind the grey really

I’ve never dyed my hair, apart from spray on dye for a school production where I played the part of “punk”

Been dying it blonde for twenty years now. Since I started I’ve gone quite bald. I keep dying it because I’d rather be known as the bloke who dyes his hair rather than the bloke who’s gone bald.

There’s no grey on my head to cover up, but I am finding stray greys elsewhere though.

I once dressed as Jack White for Halloween, for which I dyed my hair jet black. It stuck around for much longer than it was supposed to.

Often when I ask people who dye their hair what colour it was originally they’ll say “your hair colour” :expressionless:

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Don’t do it @ma0sm, you suit the silver fox look

Have never even thought of dying mine, think it would look ridiculous.




I started getting greys when I was 23 but they’re not that bad considering that was 13 years ago. I usually put a temporary dye on every few months.

In 2008 I bleached my very dark brown hair white blonde and it killed it so i had to have it cut short.

I keep meaning to bleach the ends of my hair and then put the orangey coloured Bleach London dye on them but can’t be cba.