Early web based sources of musical discovery

i got a lot of good shit from iTunes free song of the week - or from checking which songs the American site was offering up. Remember getting at least Summer Skin by DCFC and To the East by Electrelane that way, plus a load of other good but less essential stuff

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I think this one rings a bell.

Did they have low quality MP3s of tracks from an album you could download? I seem to recall buying Cat Power’s You Are Free off the back of the two sample tracks from such a place.

EMusic did a lot of heavy lifting for me too.

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This was great - you got 50 free MP3s when you signed up, so I signed up loads of times!

Got Macha’s catalogue from there, among others. I remember the best value for a single track being Live From Planet X by MF DOOM (whole live set in one track)

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Just remembered 20jazzfunkgreats blog which was wonderful, listened to everything they talked about.

CD Wow were great. Because of their bizarre set up with CDs shipped from Hong Kong you occasionally got a nice international version e.g. I got a Japanese Bonnie Prince Billy CD and a Canadian Lemonheads CD with different packaging.


Oh yeah!

Play.com was the Jersey-based one I was thinking of.

CD Wow just sent you Asian editions with bonus tracks (or sometimes without bonus tracks if the UK edition had them)

Good times.


I remember getting an edition of a Sun Kil Moon CD licenced to Taiwan and it was a double.

Yes, think they used to post up one or two free MP3s for each artist on the site.

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