Editing Posts

for 2 minutes or less after you’ve posted, but everyone will have this power:


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n.b. This is not about editing thread titles

where’s the don’t care button


You are allowed to abstain

Way funnier if you can’t. And I say that as someone who’s forever millimetres away from autocorrect disease.

For example, my phone wanted “millimetres” to be “milkers”.




I rest my case.

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A little incite in to your commonly used words there - nice


changing my vote

Stop stirring.

wasn’t a poll, is very one sided

Early polls showed a MASSIVE swing towards non-editing, but as things have developed, the editors have started to take the lead.

yeah well we all know polls are bullshit anyway #brexit

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I’m all for it because of the amount of horrendous typos I make. And editing titles is obviously comedy gold.

This isn’t about titles.

Also, it was funny once and then just childish bellendry tbh

Oh wait, are you saying everyone could edit each other’s post? I’d like to retract my vote please.

I don’t care about either of these points sorry

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No. sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Everyone at any level will have the ability to edit their own posts.

(I only added this because people had been discussing levels and also how they wanted it but didn’t want anyone else to have it (because they are tories)

and we all stood by and let it happen, guys.

Weirdos. I’m for it then, it’s good for when you spot those annoying typos just after you press post, but wouldn’t want people to be able to retract something because it was controversial.