Ermahgerd! The Tom York did a tweets

The next train arriving on platform 3 is the hype train to soundsville. Hoping for some more flea-led funk jams, personally.

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I’ve not really bothered to check, but i should imagine there’s speculation as to a future music based release from Thomas Yorke, of Atoms For Peace fame, owing to him recently posting a few short tweets of lyric-like ohrases and snippets of pictoral artwork.

thom has made 9 new laptop beats!

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“but the car’s a circle,
no front no back
no driver no steering wheel no windscreen hand cook car door no brakes no”
Marilyn Monroe

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if your car is a circle it’s broken innit. find your receipt and take it back.


8.9 best new tweets


OP reads like a Reddit thread shudder

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Playing the Roundhouse, Edinburgh and some place in the Midlands in June:

Cracking venue, the Roundhouse. The Radioheads and the Peaceful Atoms gigs there were pretty awesome, so it’d be good to see Mr Yorke back there again.

Big fan of this

ay, they were and it would.

looks like the presale went in a few seconds. I’m already busy on the Friday, so I’m just holding out hope that he adds another date at the roundhouse on the Saturday

i’ve never been to the roundhouse and it not been full of chatting london cunts. agreed that it’s a lovely venue, though.

Grabbing a ticket in the presale wasn’t easy, but got there in the end. Got through the virtual queue to find that no tickets were available and kept refreshing until there were.

Seems like he could easily sell out another date or two there, so worth some holding out of hope.

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Occasionally falls victim to the CLC Factor, yep. Very quiet for the last gig I went to there though - Go Go Penguin in the round.

Lucky you!