Euro 2020 - match day 18: 🇨🇭 🇪🇸 🇧🇪 🇮🇹

It’s quarter final time!


Switzerland vs. Spain - 5pm BST

  • Switzerland
  • Spain

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Belgium vs. Italy - 8pm BST

  • Belgium
  • Italy

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Are the quarter finals big enough occasions for the little car to make a comeback?


It will now be a full size car. And they’ll increase the size of the ball proportionally


Very excited for Italy Belgium. Really tough one to call. I hope Belgium go through but think Italy will old man them.

Switzerland could well old man Spain as well.


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Surely the old manning would be the other way around

Has Schick been linked with any EPL clubs yet ? Or is he strictly Alpine Wasteman material?

Could see him doing a job at any one of 5-10th place teams

Belgium are young at heart

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Feel like they’re much stodgier than the surprisingly fun and dynamic Italians.

Did a lot of defending and booting it to lukaku against Portugal.

Up the Italians!


Absolute nailed on 30m post euros signing, 5 goals, loaned back to the wastelands next summer and sold at a massive loss the following year.

West ham, Everton or possibly Newcastle


We’re all hoping for the semis to be

Italy v Spain & England v Denmark


I was thinking Everton, yeah

Or Spurs when Kane goes City

Whoever buys him will be mugging themselves off

Belgium or Italy vs. Spain (as long as Spain lose the semi)


don’t care about the other semi, but England vs. Denmark for the spectacle yeah


not got a great feeling about tonight given how rattled belgium were by denmark’s intensity and pressing, could be vv bad if italy are able to do the same consistently but actually take their chances. also still got the fear from italy doing us in euro 2016
they did look less good vs austria though

think belgium will either nick it or get hamburglared

switzerland - spain will be a fun match imo

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oops wasn’t meant to be a reply to bitt

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Kind of annoying you get two back to back QFs instead of spreading them out a bit. Sure it’s because it’s logistically difficult to do otherwise, don’t care.

For Euro 2016 they spread the quarter finals over 4 days

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generally under martinez they’ve played good football but they’ve only clicked going forward in fits and starts this tournament. not helped by key players coming back from injury and then getting injured again i guess. expecting them to be fairly stodgy again today

having said that the interplay between the Hazard bros has been lovely to watch and they’ve scored a few lovely goals already