Euro 2020 - Match day 20: 🇮🇹 🇪🇸

It’s the first semi-final!

Who is going to make it to the final?

Italy vs. Spain - 8pm BST

  • Italy
  • Spain

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Really really annoyed at the thought of Spain going through. Don’t care If it’s a dogshit match as long as Italy make it.


Not convinced England will beat Denmark, but if they could, genuinely think they’d have a marginally better chance against Italy than Spain.


Had a dream last night that Spain got their pants pulled down and I was excitedly waiting for @profk’s post. What has happened to me.


What makes you think that?
I think if we get through we’ll lose regardless but don’t fancy us against the pace of Italy’s counters whereas I can see us stodging up Spain and maybe nicking one on the break seeing as we’ve been pretty clinical all tournament.

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Current goal average is 2.81 goals per game, higher than Euro 1984 and Euro 2000 (cue two 1-0s and a 0-0)

We’ll need 5 goals in the last three matches to beat those 1984 and 2000 stats.


And it’s Neville to Campbell
Campbell to Rio
Rio to Scholesy
Scholesy Gerrard
Gerrard to Beckham
Beckham to Heskey
Heskey to Owen to nod it



Heard a lot of people talking up Italy as clear favourites, and they’ve been the better side so far, but not sure if there’s that much between them. Both are streets ahead of anyone else in terms of looking like well-drilled club sides and dominating the opposition – only difference is that Italy have been competent with their finishing and aren’t making any silly errors defensively.

Theoretically, Spain should/could get through 90 minutes without such issues, and then they’d probably be marginal favourites. But then you could argue with Morata and two left-footers at CB those issues are inherent and unavoidable and not just lapses/outliers.

Really looking forward to it anyway. Two great sides imo.

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Midfield battle should be really good. Jorginho, Veratti and Barella vs. Busquets, Pedri and Koke. Could be a bit of a recipe for disaster if Italy keep doing the asymmetric thing with Emerson, some gulf between him and Spinazzola

There was chat of Emerson being first choice coming into the tournament. Mancini really loves him apparently.

Italy ought to win comfortably imo. Spain have played 5 very average teams and won once in 90 minutes. Think it all depends on what’s in the Italians legs. If they can press like they have done this tournament I think they’ll overwhelm Spain.

If not, it could be a tight, tetchy game

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Wonder how much football will be played,

Gonna guess ball in play for 12 minutes and 71 minutes of boring shithouse stuff


Seaman Seaman Seaman
Your hair is in a right old state

You’ve got to saysome of Squires panels in this tournament have been class

This is the only England content for today


8pm is too late.


Yep. Was a necessary evil when there were 2 games per day. 7 or half past would be ideal for single game days

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But what about Spain’s xG!?

Feels like either a 1-0 or a 4-2 kinda game, no idea which (as you say) which is pretty fun


0-0, extra time, Gerard Moreno 117’ just as we get excited about penalties.

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