Euro 2024: Day 15 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇸🇰 🇪🇸 🇬🇪 Another Trifling Step Towards Inevitable Glory

For Spain, that is. Because if they don’t beat Georgia by at least a four goal margin that will go down as a huge failure, you have to say.

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Hearing rumours that there’ll be a special cameo in today’s thread. Can’t reveal too much but let’s just say it’s from somebody who’s very respected around these parts


Excited to see who foden will be brought off for on 67 minutes today

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It’s game day! Lets go Georgia!!!

Loads of tickets going for the England game amusingly, keeping an eye on it for France vs Belgium tomorrow



Woke up this morning with a thought about handball and VAR.

What if VAR was not allowed to get involved if the ref had not seen the offence? It would stop petty snicko malcolmry. VAR could only confirm or deny if a ref called them in because he thought he’d spotted something.

Would that work?

Woah, don’t think I’ve ever seen Sean in a football thread


Think you’d just get more outcry about refereeing incompetence when they inevitably miss something controversial that changes a game.

Pandora’s box has been opened with VAR and no one will ever be happy again now. Malcoms won’t accept a 3% decrease in refereeing decisions by binning it and normal people will just have to watch the game become increasingly like American football and either accept it or bin it off (same with everything shit about football)


Due to an administrative error, England will actually be playing Slovenia again.

I think Slovakia have a decent chance, especially from setpieces. Football isn’t always about having the better players.

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I dunno why the ref can’t look at VAR from a ‘no advantage gained’ perspective

Like sure, it brushed his fingernails but no advantage was gained, no pen

Even the offside call. Is 1 centimetre of a toe an advantage gained? Think it should be at the discretion of the ref

We might as well stick an asterisk on every major tournament from now on if they’re all going to be decided by VAR

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Would absolutely love Georgia to stuff Spain. Not gonna happen, but imagine.


the only workable solution is to immediately remove VAR in its totality, and execute some high ranking members of the PGMOL, as a warning.


I think Slovakia have a decent chance, because England are mince.


Conscious about throwing the baby out with the bath water, I would start Mainoo for Gallagher, and Palmer for Saka today.

Bellingham a candidate to rotate at half time, bringing Gordon on and moving Foden to 10.

Persist with Kane for the time being

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Im really hoping they at least get a goal, would be amazing to see, seen quite a few of their fans about already

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Yeah particularly for offside. The granularity of it really calls into question the point of the rule.
I didn’t know this but the original FA code in the nineteenth century had a rule that you weren’t allowed to pass the ball forwards at all, then it morphed through a couple of iterations to what it is now, with the current rule brought in to stop goal hanging.
Translate that to a toe over the line of offside and like, what?

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For me, dropping Saka would send out the wrong message. I just can’t see any argument that he’s not been England’s most consistant player since the last tournament.

Mainoo should start, yes. He changed the last game, and the Trent in midfield experiment was never going to work.