Eurovision 2020

BBC rides roughshod over democracy AGAIN

It’s a shame because I do love the Making Your Mind Up programme or whatever they’re calling it these days, but it does tend to end up with the UK utterly embarrassing itself every year

Think its a good move to ditch the format. Can we wildly speculate which BMG artists would be a good fit (hello Goldfrapp!)

Max Martin is BMG I think, it’s almost too obvious really though isn’t it

I believe the format was originally called A Song for Europe. Best not to let the public pick though.

BMG will be getting called in to make sure the song is released to streaming services and well marketed in the weeks and months beforehand. I believe most of the songs that did best in the Eurovision final public vote in 2019 had been on Spotify for some time and had millions of listens.

Aphex Twin is BMG

just sayin’


Don’t we go through this process every few years? Let the public pick, and the papers complain the Beeb are wasting money on a pointless talent show. So they just do it themselves, then after a few years the papers complain they don’t have any taste and that the public deserves a say. And on and on and on.

Still can’t believe Norway didn’t win this year’s competition.