Eurovision 2021: Rotterdaaaamn

It’s never too early, especially as Eurovision mysteriously didn’t take place last year.

Some depressing news to start with:

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GUESS :clap: WHOSE :clap: BIRTHDAY :clap: IS :clap: A :clap: EUROVISION :clap: BIRTHDAY :clap::clap::clap:

:cocktail::balloon: :partying_face: :cake: :beers:


Not Liverpool or Rome?

Sorry I thought I’d get that in before @rich-t


We don’t have any songs yet but some artists have been announced.

Belgium will be represented by Hooverphonic, best known for doing the Mad Men theme tune.

Bulgaria will have Victoria:

Judging by that and the fact it’s Bulgaria, I think we can expect a solid if sterile mild-banger.

Spain are sending someone deeply Spanish as bloody always.


Janet Jackson?


because it was up there so long, I still remember the slogan from last year’s contest.

it was ‘dare to dream’





I thought My Bloody Valentine were Irish!!!1111

hahahhahah [- person who spent a lot of 2017 laughing at shoegaze memes about MBV’s music sounding like hoovers]

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What’s your fave winner of the 2010s?

You get two votes, one for Euphoria and one for your second favourite.

  • Satellite
  • Running Scared
  • Euphoria
  • Only Teardrops
  • Rise Like a Phoenix
  • Heroes
  • 1944
  • Amar Pelos Dois
  • Toy
  • Arcade

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And favourite runner-up?

  • We Could be the Same
  • Madness of Love
  • Party for Everybody
  • Hold Me
  • Calm after the Storm
  • A Million Voices
  • Sound of Silence
  • Beautiful Mess
  • Fuego
  • Soldi

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Tough choice between Calm After the Storm and Fuego for my second vote :cry:

Eh? That was RJD2

Only Teardrops gets in my head the most but have to vote Conchita. Heroes is a banger too. And Satellite. Fucking Eurovision man.

although technically my winner is If Love Was A Crime by Poli Genova

but like it’s genuinely my favourite song of the decade

so it was, not sure where I got that from


Deffo in my top 10 Eurovision songs

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Favourite Eurovision year?

2015 was a classic for me. Heroes, Rhythm Inside, Goodbye to Yesterday, Golden Boy, A Million Voices and this:

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Butter churning. Paula & Ovi’s return. Want your sweet cheesecake. Pollaponk. Conchita. MOUSTACHE. Valentina. Ruth Lorenzo. Calm After the Storm.

Stunning stuff all round.

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