FA Cup and following week football thread

I had this dilemma with The Grand National 2 or 3 years ago. I chose not to watch after 40+ years. It has been very liberating.

Now you’ve jinked it. Will now probably be a 4-3 classic.

I’m thinking of not bothering, and my team is in the bloody thing.


First Cup Final then?
Mine was the last time Fulham got to Wembley: 1975 The Bobby Moore Final. Remember it being a bit of an average game but still has good memories. West Ham won 2-nil iirc. We beat them by the same score in the Charity Shield :slight_smile:

Yeah I think there’s a wider issue here. Of the top of my head only Wigan and Portsmouth have won it outside of the big teams in the last 10-15 years. Applies to Europe, too - Juve, PSG, Bayern sweep up the domestic cups.

A ceiling of 7th in the league is one thing but monopolising basically all success,trophies and days out to Wembley will kill the game. Makes you actually wish for a super league

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First final that I was conscious of watching and fully taking in was the 1994 final between, coincidentally enough, Man Utd and Chelsea. There were goals (4 of them) but one-sided finals aren’t interesting. Before Chelsea were bankrolled.

Pellegrini for West Ham? That seems a decent bit of business

I appreciate that but I think the point is a little bit over-stated.

Teams such as Hull, Palace and West Ham came within a hairsbreadth of winning it in recent years and, on the whole, big teams have always won it. It’s not a new phenomenon. Look at ‘90s’ winners:

'90 - Man Utd
'91 - Spurs
'92 - Liverpool
'93 - Arsenal
'94 - Man Utd
'95 - Everton
'96 - Man Utd
'97 - Chelsea
'98 - Arsenal
'99 - Man Utd

Only once in the 1990’s was it won by a club outside of the ‘big six’.

Mine was 1992, Liverpool v Sunderland. First one I ever watched all the pre-match coverage of etc. Think Liverpool won 2-0? Given that this was the same season I went to Home Park for the first time, it was strange watching some actual football.

first FA Cup final I can remember watching is Chelsea-Boro in 97 with that insane Di Matteo goal in the first minute

that screamer from Di Matteo moreorless straight from kick-off, a surprisingly likeable Chelsea side (Zola, Lebouef, Sinclair, Wise, Gianluca Vialli), a VERY likeable Middlesbrough side (Juninho, Emerson, Fabrizio Ravanelli)

Frank Lebouef was the first footballer I ever spoke to in real life and I’m pretty sure it absolutely blew my mind. Gave him a thumbs up whilst they were warming up and he gave me one back and I was probably beaming for the rest of the year. (I was 7 years old, not just a big man baby)

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95 Cup Final was the first game I ever watched, when I look back and then remember how absolutely nuts I went when Cantona volleyed in the winner the year after its a real testament to how much it sunk it’s teeth into me in such a short space of time.


First cup final I remember was 99, Newcastle losing (obv) to United

Fair point. Definitely feels like there’s less hope than ever now though, unless you support one of six teams

With our boardroom even things that look great on paper have a high chance of utter collapse.

In those days, Everton would have been considered ‘Big Six’


First one I remember was the 1983 Brighton-Man Utd final. Round to my mate’s house to watch it with his older brother and dad, who were Greek and therefore had an aura of mysterious football knowledge around them.

Everyone was going for Brighton, obviously. But I already kinda liked United because they played in my favourite colour and were being painted as the underdogs in the league versus mighty Liverpool. So that game really solidified me supporting United…

Really cba with this, everyone. Might still catch the second half though.

going to drive my car into the sea rather than watch a game of football.

in many ways this match is the worst thing that has ever happened.

Just after I typed this I read that James Collins was notified of his release via email. 10 years hard service, strong connection to fans and treated like that. Not saying he deserved a testimonial, but it’s like they think of the worst possible handling of any situation and go that route.


That goal broke my heart

Switched it off when Eddie Newton scored