Favorite bass solos


So being a lover of all things Les Claypool I came across this solo the other day. It made me want a craving for some other gods behind the bass guitar…Lets have’em.


The one at 2:23 especially:


And if it counts as a solo:


ahhh cliff burton. Miss him dearly, check this one out.

Face melting…


ahh shit have to click the youtube video link on that one…


I am a bass player. I play improvised free hardcore and jazz.

No bass solos are okay. None.


party pooper :smile:



Obviously the one in Call Me Al, even though it’s a cheat (because it’s only half as long and then reversed).


it’s not really a proper solo but literally the only thing I can think of that isn’t massively embarrassing is:


Yeah, we just need more bands with no guitars and two bassists


This is very true. Do love this version of Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes that’s just bass and vocals though.





Kallgeese is right. I’m a bassist and I think bass solos are almost implicitly evil.

This isn’t a bass solo but Brian Gibson totally slays on Dead Cowboy


That said we are big Thundercat marks… (still wouldn’t really say he does solos though?)


This is true, we do fucking love Thundercat. He is soloing in the jazz idiom but yeah, it’s still soloing!


was glad it didn’t take too long for this to pop up :smiley: