🔝 Favourite albums of 2018 so far?

Can’t recommend it enough to anybody skim-reading this thread LISTEN TO VESSEL!


Alright, fine! No need to yell!

(I only just realised people were raving about Vessel and not Vessels, who I never quite got on with).

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Not massively feeling it. Feel like I’m being left behind by trends in electronic music - is this because I’m 30? :confused: This, Objekt, new Timmy H, Nils Frahm even OPN’s album this year…


I can’t see any major new releases on the horizon so I’m shaping up my top list at the moment. Problem is come December I get about fifty new recommendations based on other people’s lists. Reckon the following are definites

Cloud Nothings
Drug Church
Fucked Up
Hot Snakes
Pigs etc

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Strong list, got probably about half of those on mine too.

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Needs more Self Defense Family but excellent list :wink:

I’m also not particularly feeling it to be honest. Will give it another spin, but it hasn’t really grabbed me on the first couple of tries (same with OPN and Nils Frahm too).

I’ve got another 10 years on you, but i’m hoping it’s not an age thing. :wink:

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Starting to think about my favourites. As things stand, before I catch up on loads I’ve missed out on:

  1. Let’s Eat Grandma - I’m All Ears
  2. Amen Dunes - Freedom
  3. Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
  4. The Field - Infinite Moment
  5. Tirzah - Devotion
  6. Vessel - Queen of Golden Dogs
  7. Pusha T - Daytona
  8. The Go! Team - Semicircle
  9. Skee Mask - Compro
  10. No Age - Snares Like A Haircut

Those last few could easily be replaced by Albert Hammond Jr, Car Seat Headrest, Stephen Malkmus, Iceage, Kids See Ghosts, Daughters, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and more. It’s been a fantastic year.

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My current Top 20. Subject to change pretty much all the time, but many of these have been stalwarts throughout the year…


It’s Low, Daughters and eight others


Making album grids is fun eh?

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I excised it after a couple of listens. Dogshit stuff.

Haven’t listened to anywhere near as much music as I should have, but here’s my favourites from a limited pool:

1 - I’m All Ears - Let’s Eat Grandma
2 - IRISIRI - Eartheater
3 - Oil of Every Pear’s Un-Inside - Sophie
4 - In a Poem Unlimited - U.S. Girls
5 - Dead Magic - Anna von Hausswolff
6 - Anticlines - Lucrecia Dalt
7 - Song for Alpha - Daniel Avery
8 - Working Class Woman - Marie Davidson
9 - Stadium - Eli Keszler

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Stuck this on last night after seeing this. Listened to it 3 times since. Huge.


Looks like we are getting to that time of year again. I’ll start up my usual annual thread asking for top 5’s shortly so we can come up with the definitive DIS list. Here’s the 2017 list if anyone is interested:


Nice to see Lucrecia Dalt get a mention - I’m a big fan of all her stuff.

Did you see that she’s announced to play the Re-textured festival next March?

She’s playing Village Underground with Jan Jelinek and early birds are going for £5!

I didn’t - thanks!

I may actually try and go to this - I never go to gigs. Love Caterina Barbieri as well so might do a weekend in London thing. May even buy the tickets now to encourage me to make the effort.

Any idea what the venues are like?

It’s a great line-up, isn’t it?

Venue-wise I’m not gonna lie. I’ve only ever been to Village Underground (one of my favourites) and the Southbank Centre, but the other venues look similar to the venues used by the London Contemporary Music Festival that is held in December - minimalistic, post-modern, uber hip creative spaces. The venues will be cool.

Cheers. Sounds great. Bit intimidating but I’ll try to get over it. Looks like Carla Dal Forno is the same time as Lucrecia D unfortunately otherwise would have liked to see her too.