Feminist song share


Not sure if this counts but it's a fucking great song and she sounds like a badass on it


its like if million dead didnt have frank turner in; 10/10 where were they in 2004?


Enya-referencing garage punk about having to travel to Britain for abortions




I've been crawling up so long on your stairway to Heaven
And now I no longer believe that I wanna get in
And will there always be concerts where women are raped
(Everywhere you go teenage is the rage)
Watch me make up my mind instead of my face
(Inside your pants, it's on the front page)
The number one must have
(Everywhere you go it's die or be born)
Is that we are safe
(If you can't decide then it's your own war)


More subtle, but this thread reminded me of this song, sooo...

I feel like whenever I hear people talking about abortion, they typically take the love out of it, as if it can never be a loving act — as if it’s only done out of hate or desperation. I know women who have gone through that experience. And there hasn’t been like, a song for them, or a moment of catharsis and healing for them in music.




not a song but i'd recommend this interview of Ladybug Mecca by Xenia Rubenios for anyone who's a fan of either

they're both gr8


This is gorgeous


there's a couple of others too, all should be on youtube very soon


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I can't find the speech that comes before like on the album but this song is very important.