Film Club #15: The Miseducation of Cameron Post! (Saturday 8pm)

Ready for a hot film date on Saturday night? Just like in the high school movies!!!


  • Have a look around Netflix for any high school/equivalent movies that grabs your interest. You may nominate one or two titles that you want to watch with the film club.
  • The nomination deadline is on Friday at 8pm. We will then put it to the vote.
  • Vote remains open until Saturday 6pm, and then at 8pm we watch whichever film has won.
  • You will get the option to sign up for the DM live chat while we watch the film, which is highly recommended. A sign-up poll will be posted at the same time as the film poll.
  • Anyone can join!

Have fun and bring on the nominations.


@filmclubbers etc


Gutted Step Up 2 isn’t on there

yeah it is? step ups two and five by the looks of it

Only Step Up 5 is on the list that WR posted, and I wouldn’t subject anyone to that.

But if it is, I nominate Step Up 2 - greatest dance and high school movie combined.

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Shite that Rushmore isnt on there

Lady Bird is though and I love that film so so much


Easy A


Also just added Blockers to my list cause I heard that talked about really positively iirc

(quite hard to narrow down to just two – I think it’s quite a surprising thing how much of a fan I am of these kinds of films (when done well, that is))

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neither is edge of seventeen


The best genre


Yeah, what happened to all the good ones?
I was going to campaign for Miss Stevens but it’s not on there anymore :pensive::pensive:

I mean, both Clueless and Mean Girls are on there so the quality is there

Would watch Mean Girls over and over and over.

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there’s a film on there called “tall girl”. the plot of which seems to be: high school girl is quite tall


Can relate

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from the trailer i don’t understand why she doesn’t just kick the shit out of the bitchy girls

…maybe i should watch it?

Is Heathers still on Netflix?


(i looked for that)