Film Club #31: JaguarPirate edition - The Peanut Butter Falcon (Sunday 9th 8:30pm)

Greetings comrades, it’s time for the newest film takeover by me: an absolutely vital member of the club, and attendee of a cool 7% of the previous events

Film choices and IMDB links to follow shortly - you get two votes

(Can someone else plz tag the @filmclubbers as I don’t think it works when a non-member does it ta)

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Does this work? I think you can self add to the group if you want btw

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  • Blue Ruin
  • Dolemite is My Name
  • Man on the Moon (iPlayer)
  • Primal Fear
  • The Meyerowitz Stories
  • The Peanut Butter Falcon
  • The Woman in the Window

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i’ve almost watched blue ruin a bunch of times but i keep thinking i’ve seen it

still unsure

I was thinking of doing it on Sunday to avoid it running into next week, but happy to do Monday if people prefer/it doesn’t fuck up the schedule too much

  • Sunday funday
  • Monday betterday

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Will close the film poll at 6pm on the chosen day, then send out the DMs to those who are interested. I may delay til an 8:30pm start also as our screen is kinda unusable before then due to sunlight

  • DMs are for winners

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Not seen any of the films and planning to watch them all, so there can be no bad results!

May I ask a general film club question in here?

The films we choose, is it preferable they’re on Netflix out of all the paid for film subscriptions or does everyone also have access to Amazon prime? I’m just thinking ahead for my film club :thinking:

Prime options definitely get listed but I’d think fewer people have access to it

So many horror films lurk amongst the options on prime. I know I said to you that I was thinking I wouldn’t consider any horror but … :bat:


i think you’re contractually obliged to include at least a couple

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everything we have watched so far has been on netflix (except one thing that was on youtube)

i think we tried a vote once to see if people would mind a thing that was on amazon but can’t remember the outcome

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That is fine, I will make do with what is available on Netflix :jack_o_lantern:

there’s like 6 films i’d watch on iPlayer just now, and another 5 or so good ones I’ve seen before - they’re killing it lately

What are they? I could just go look myself… brb

Haha, OH MY GOD. I am stealing a bunch of these for my film club. Thanks for the tip!


Man on the Moon, Maps to the Stars, Minding the Gap, Poltergeist, Primary Colours, Short Term 12, A Simple Plan, Dangerous Liaisons … I think that’s them all

(And I’ve seen 12 Monkeys, Apocalypse Now, The Shining, 20th Century Women, Blair Witch, It Follows, The History Boys)

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Actually, I will be stealing just the one. I wonder if you can guess which one it is.


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Haha! Coooorrect.

We definitely polled it a while back and there were definitely less people with access to prime than there was Netflix, so that has been mostly stuck with along with youtube free to air and iplayer.

Saying that though, I think it is ok to nominate from prime so long as you make it clear in the poll that is where the film is (same for any non-netflix films), chances are it won’t get a winning amount of votes though if less people can actually access it.

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Despite a message warning me that iplayer wasn’t going to be supported on my tablet after July it still seems to work, need to try and fit some of these in ASAP in case I suddenly lose access. Might go for one tonight actually :thinking:

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