Film Club #7: NOAH! (Thursday 9pm)

Welcome to this very exciting instalment of the film club! It will take place on Thursday at 9pm UK time. This is one hour later in the evening than what we normally do, because I finish work at 8pm that day. Will be great to come home to this!

By clicking here you can see some of what is on offer, but feel free to have a look around the place as well. As we are learning, the Netflix categories can be a bit arbitrary…

Please note that we are not including films based on actual terrorist attacks in this poll (like United 93 or 22 July). Let’s find something really silly instead!

If anything catches your fancy, you may suggest one or two titles in this thread, the deadline for doing so is on Wednesday at 9pm (I will be reminding you by bumping this thread).

Once the deadline has been reached, I will post a poll with the suggested titles and we vote! Poll closes at 7pm on Monday, 2 hours before watching commences. You have the option of joining in a live chat in a DM thread as we all watch the film (you can sign up for this later on), or you can join us back here to discuss the film afterwards. Anyone is welcome to join!

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions! How will we make it about police brutality this time, I wonder?

:boom: :boom: :boom:

Also please note: We might well do a separate post-apocalypse one a bit further down the road.

my favourite genre

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A lot of good stuff for sure! But we don’t need to use up all the good titles for this one.

apparently there is a film called The Silence and it appears to be exactly the same as A Quiet Place except The Tucc is in it

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I nominate NOAH and LONDON HAS FALLEN! (Would go 2012 but re-watched it only a couple weeks ago)

Annihilation (2018, dir: Garland)

because I’m currently watching and enjoying DEVS, also by Alex Garland. Good writer/director in my opinion


Is London Has Fallen the second of the Gerard Butler ones? If so… THAT. Absolute blast start to finish.

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Think so!

love the related categories on this one

london has fallen not on here though :frowning:

Oh no! :anguished:

Edit: Is Noah there?

Dante’s Peak!

(If it’s on there)

deadly harvest? lol

what’s your top 10 deadly harvest films?

yeah noah’s there. white house down is on there which is similar in it’s daftness to london has fallen

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does the marky mark crop circle one count?


Not for me anyhow

Aw bums :frowning:

you know i’ve never actually seen that

would watch that

i nominate:

the silence (2019)
outbreak (1995)

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outbreak will no doubt be awful but i watched the trailer and dustin hoffman with a serious face says “many people are dying and will continue to die… unless we find this monkey!”

so yeah i’m into that