hello @filmclubbers

lets do a movie marathon! please nominate something with at least three films that we can watch back to back. can either be a trilogy or a franchise or any films that make sense to watch together, anything you like.

it would be nice if it was available on netflix, but how about for this special edition we nominate whatever we want and work it out how to watch it after. we might have to pay to rent it etc

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Step Up

  • hardcore mode, all films one after the other in one night
  • one film per night, consecutive nights

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Back to the Future

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Theoretically up for this, but bedtimes are out of control so no idea if I will be actually in in any meaningful way.

Depends on film length.

Already done KK1 in film club

(probably skip 2… do 1/3/4)

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Did everyone watch Muppets Christmas Carol in the end, if not maybe a selection of Muppets films? Given I’m not actually paying for my Disney+ access I’d be happy to paypal someone else a month’s sub money to help them access.

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i know i didn’t

Bridget Jones’ Diary
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Bridget Jones’ Baby


Gangsters are boring.




surprisingly hard to do as they rarely have all the films in a given series available to stream at the same time. that said, all the indiana joneses are on prime

indiana jones would be a good shout

yeah i’ve never made it through the godfather

everyone says it’s GREAT though so kinda want to give it another go

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I do actually really want to watch all the lotr films again.
Still haven’t seen The Hobbit


there was some violent pushback against lotr when i floated it in the other thread

I really would love to watch LotR with you lot, and if we could get @profk and some others on board even better.

Realise it may be alienating to some film club regulars though and I don’t want to do that :frowning:

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