Font goes weird when scrolling recently

Anyone else notice this? Difficult to screenshot as it corrects itself quite quickly.

On desktop btw

Oh I got it


Have definitely seen this lately, probably in the last couple of weeks. Had assumed it was a graphics card issue on my laptop until you mentioned it, impressive that you got a screengrab of it.

Yeah, I’ve noticed it too. It goes back to normal after a couple of seconds and the page loads properly.

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This has been a distraction. I would like to move on and talk about growh.


yes (greyskull theme too)

Yeah happens to me too. Ah well.

Not the end of the world obvs, just thought I’d mention it. Perhaps it doesn’t do it with all the themes?

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Was happening to me a week or two ago then seemed to sort itself out.


Worth replying to that thread since as far as DIscourse are concerned, it’s a problem only that guy has.

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Nice one

Don’t have an account on that - but it does happen in edge. (edge is just chrome anyway, so of course it does.)

This has been an incredibly minor recent irk, glad it’s not just me as I assumed my laptop was just going all weird on me.

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weird font go away

Started doing it again now.

All ok now?

I haven’t seen this problem for weeks now

I still get it reasonably often (including a few times today)

I think it’s something to do with google web fonts? Seems like it might be something to do with an iOS update. Trying to figure out why else it has changed.

Happens for me in Chrome on a Windows laptop.

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