⚽ Football in October: the toffees come unstuck

It’s October so here’s a new football thread.

What are you looking forward to?

  • My team has started the season brilliantly and are top of the Premier League
  • My team have had a good start
  • My team have had an okay start
  • My team have had a bad start
  • I’m aggpass

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Why is there no option for “My team has started the season brilliantly and are top of the Eredivisie”?

We’re probably due another international break aren’t we? :boom::exploding_head::gun:



Fulham predos

  • Worse than Derby 2008 (11 points)
  • Less than 20 points
  • Worse than Fulham 2019 (26 points)
  • Won’t finish bottom
  • Will only be relegated by a narrow margin

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that some kind of mountain in mainland Europe?

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Arsenal got hammered so he has to pretend to support someone else.

Luckily my only team, Colchester United, remain unbeaten in league 2

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Ooh, Champo League draw tonight innit.

Bayern, City, Inter, Lokomotiv

I’m enjoying Graham Potter’s tightly gelled pinstriped warriors more than ever and think we might have our best Prem season. Plenty of good lads to root for. Might get a Tariq Lamptey shirt



You’re never going top keep your best XI fit all year. You really dropped off last year

the squids eventually show their advantage

Ah, I remember December 2015 opinions


Get a couple of defensive reinforcements in and you might be alright.

On Monday you created some chances but for some reason Parker seems to have resorted to the 'just kick them.lads’option after 10 minutes, and your defenders seemed to have a bet on how many fouls they can commit without a red card

hows your teams transfer window…?

  • offloaded some shite
  • sold promising youngster
  • brought in some random
  • still waiting on a big player deal
  • the rumours just arent true
  • decent bit of business
  • will wait and see
  • decent player has signed a contract extension
  • sold our best player
  • sack the manager
  • sack the board
  • improved the starting 11
  • strengthened the squad

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Just spotted brendan travelling between Huesca and Vallecano, tapping up Okazaki and Ulloa on the way


We’ve had a very good start. I honestly didn’t expect us to get much out of Southampton, Manchester United or Everton.

Yet we’ve got two wins, and were extremely unlucky v Everton and were excellent on the second half.

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  • overall good
  • overall bad

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you won 2016 because everyone else was very very shit

also, Vardy is 5 years older than 2015 #opinions

No crisp muncher am I!