For All The Bears (Bear Music Videos)

A thread for nice songs with some form of bear-age in the music video.

1. Wasuremono - For All The Bears
I saw these guys last night and quite enjoyed. It’s my favourite 2018 song about bears so far at least.

2. The Notwist - Pick Up The Phone
A classic in the animated bear music video world. I mean, I assume that he’s a bear. God, I hope that he’s a bear.

3. Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake
They keep you waiting for the bear, but it’s a great appearance when it finally arrives.

4. The Coral - Dreaming Of You
This almost feels like a guilty pleasure, but it’s some good trumpet-playing bear action.

Please post your favourite music videos with bears. Videos about or by bears can only be counted if they have a bear in the video.

Are Sasquatch allowed?

A triumvirate of 2001 bangers for you:

Definite bear:

Sort of bear

Some sort of bigfoot thing

Great pair o’ bears:


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That reminded me of Triggerhappy TV, and led to me watching this brilliant clip again:

& I forgot all about that Divine Comedy video, @chanticleer - feels so long ago!


A golden opportunity to post one of the best videos of all time: