Friday 18th January 2019 New Album Releases

Starting this a day early this week, apologies but over excited about the first BIG release day of the year. Also thought may be useful given the amount of new stuff for those who like to queue up downloads for their commute

Crucial one for me has to be The Twilight Sad – IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME. I count myself very lucky that I’ve had a copy if this to review and it’s just amazing.

Also very much looking forward to:
Steve Gunn - The Unseen Inbetween
Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow
Pedro The Lion - Phoenix
Lost Under Heaven - love hates what you become (one half of this band is formerly of wu lyf)
Deerhunter – Why hasn’t everything already disappeared?

What’s everyone else buzzing about?



The new James Blake record is out right?

Yup looks like it

Yeah, SVE, liking the songs released so far, should be great.

Favourite album so far this year (I haven’t heard The Twilight Sad album yet) and definitely my favourite album of his (until the Fall Creek Boys Album finally appears that has been threatened down the years)

:slight_smile: I couldn’t get into the colour in anything… it was just a bit long (not a valid criticism i know) and kind of impenetrable to me

I haven’t heard any songs from the new SVE album. Seeing at The Roundhouse and so looking forward to it. Remember seeing her at least twice at The Cargo many years ago.

One track from the new Twilight Sad album sounds good and will check that out.

Gasping for the Twilight Sad… First time I’ve scoured fir a leak in ages


The new Juliana Hatfield album is out too. A big deal if you’re an aging indie kid of the mid-90s.


Twilight Sad, I’ll check out Tory y Moi’s newest. However, next week massively excited for new Swervedriver.

*Toro. Fucking Hell, jet lagged.


There’s new albums by Steve Mason and Toro Y Moi too, busy week.

Hoping the Twilight Sad and Pedro the Lion LPs arrive in the post tomorrow. Will give sve a listen on streams.

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Steve Gunn’s got a new one out, don’t think he can make bad music. And then the singles from Aesop Rock’s new project Malibu Ken have been great fun so hopefully that whole record delivers.

Tried listening to Deerhunter and Toro Y Moi earlier but both a bit dull

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Have seen a few folk on Twitter posting that their tts record arrived early so will keep my fingers crossed for you

Aye saw those lucky lucky people.
One made me wince as they had it on a Crosley :confounded:

All about Malibu Ken for me. The singles have been great and the prospect of a full record of Aesop Rock’s rhymes on his current form over Tobacco’s production is mouthwatering stuff. If the Tobacco who made the brilliant, putrid, diseased pop of Ultima II Massage shows up we could be in for something special.

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Pedro the lion and Malibu Ken (Aesop Rock and Tobacco) for me.

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Listened to Deerhunter and SVE this morning - both class!

I’ve also enjoyed Cub Sport - synth pop stuff, worth checking out if you like that sort of thing

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