Fun in/near Bermondsey

I’m helping organise a buddy’s stag do. We’re gonna do the Bermondsey beer mile but looking for some other fun things to do around Bermondsey or within easy trave distance. We’re looking for chilled but fun - any suggestions?

It’s out of season now, so a stadium tour at the global home of football would be a good call:

Failing that, a tour of any of the adjacent waste plants would be a brilliant addition to any celebration.


Think The Doodle Bar still has table tennis outside.

HMS Belfast? Don’t think Sands Films Studio, Vinegar Yard Market, Brunel Museum + the Fashion and Textile Museum are fully suitable either, but the only things I can think of in that area…

Flor Bakery, Gyoza Guys, Maltby Street Market / 40 Maltby Street are great for food stops though.

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It’s a little bit of the walk but there’s the Brunel museum in Rotherhithe (by the excellent Mayflower) which you could then go for a wee walk down the river into Bermondsey or through Southwark Park

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“What’s the plan for the stag do?”

Walk in a park and a museum

“Oi oi great bants, what we doing really?”




Lol look the man asked for suggestions I’m well aware I’m reaching obviously just go get smashed on the beer mile :rofl:


The Arch climbing centre for a climb/bouldering

Fourpure Brewery for MORE beer

Catch a game at the den…

Ew no not Fourpure


Been to that DIY music venue around there. That was fun.

There was also a van company where there were possibly a hundred white transit vans parked there. Less fun and oddly slightly creepy.

You could go to the market. I don’t know if it’s still the case but due to an ancient bye-law/charter you could legally buy and sell stolen goods

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If you mean DIY Space For London it’s gone. There is Bermondsey Arts Club which is a decent afters place if you’re still going post Beer Mile though @stupidsexyflanders

I organised a stag do around North Greenwich a few years back. After the beer mile you could catch a Thames Clipper down the river a few stops for:

Paintball/laser tag/escape room


Or stay around Bermondsey for pedal pub tour…


Go to Wapping station and pose for a photo covering the last four letters of the sign. Legendary banter.

Go to Horniman Museum and Gardens and pose for a photo covering the last 3 words of the sign. Legendary banter.

Do the beer mile and make the stag drink the strongest beer at each place until he feels unwell and has to go home at 5 pm. Legendary banter.


Just remembered the cringe tory PR shoot but the beer is fine :man_shrugging:

Well annoyed i never made it to the Brunel museum when i lived in SE

They’re also owned by Kirin who funded the genocide in Myanmar (they recently backed out) and made a load of people redundant in the process

Oh dear. Fuck sake

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This would make me slightly more likely to attend a stag do. Slightly.

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Whereabouts are you starting? Could hop on the Thames Clipper from Battersea to Tower Bridge or something. Decent way to kill the morning.

Ah. Read the thread first.

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Ah ffs they own Four Roses too, maybe my fav bourbon

Oh really I didn’t know that!