Game For People Who Know Nothing About Football



OK, here’s the deal.

You’ve got to go into a football thread and make a post which fits in enough that no one knows you have no idea what you’re talking about. It either has to be ignored or responded to sincerely. If no one has called you put within 24 hours, you can link your post here and you get a point. If you get called out within that time frame, you lose a point.

Good luck!


ma0sm -1


ma0sm 0


I have a feeling it’s just you and me playing, and I zone out of midweek football threads.

Congratulations on winning the league!


I am enjoying watching the game, I like that ma0sm is still trying.



ma0sm -1


ma0sm -2


ma0sm -3


theo is good at this game


Until he starts logging his points, it doesn’t count.

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