Gaming 2020 - Christmas sales now live across multiple storefronts

I’ve reached Ascension Level 17 on Slay The Spire, but I’ve now got a wall and can’t seem to get anywhere close to the third act. Damn you!

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Let me try one more go…

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Got loads on the go, all on Switch, at once weirdly. Very unlike me.

Almost finished a second BOTW playthrough with the kids. Doing the DLC Divine beast as we speak and just 9 shrines and 1 memory to find. Ganon is toast. Also playing Odyssey occasionally with them to find the occasional moon and having the odd session on Ring Fit Adventure and Mario Party.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is also proving great fun. Unlocked about 4 floors now and it’s a really charming little game.

When the kids are in bed, I’m playing Witcher 3. Think I’m near the end. Having very mixed feelings on this game. Started amazingly well but I lost total interest in the main story and characters after 20 hours, plus the combat and RPG elements weren’t clicking for me. But having had a swift Google, I’m near the end now so will see out the story. Not entirely sure why it gets all the Game of the Decade love myself, though the missions being so grey rather than helping out goodies and baddies has been interesting.

Huge backlog after that. South Park Fractured But Whole, Telltale Batman, Shovel Knight King of Cards, Far Lone Sails, Severed, Night Trap… Not sure what I fancy next.

I’m sick atm so mostly just playing games. Finished Superhot yesterday, and started Resident Evil 2 (Which, on Xbox One X, might be the best looking game I’ve ever played? The lighting is brilliant.) I’m also about halfway through Jedi Fallen Order and Control. Oh and I started Baba Is You and Obra Dinn on Switch which both seem brilliant.

In many ways I’m in no real rush to not be sick anymore as it’ll mean getting back to real life…

New year, new bug discovered

I’m finding A17 tricky too. I’ve read that if your deck can get through Act 2 then it’s probably ok for Act 3, so don’t be dissuaded by that.

What class are you using? I’ve found I’ve had to reevaluate a whole heap of cards that I’d previously dismissed for Ironclad, e.g. Perfect Strike isn’t actually bad if you get it early. I used to think it was trash.

Finally beat that Crash level (Sunset Vista) which was absurdly cruel and smashed Koala Kong

All while listening to a podcast about philosophy

Happy new year everyone


Was looking through this years Cane and Rinse list. Lots of stuff I’m not arsed about but then I spotted MONKEY ISLAND 3, PT and OBRA DINN



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I’m doing Ironclad also. And yes, that Perfect Strike card is great early on in the game. Sometimes having two random uncoloured/different cards at the beginning is a good help also, although it’s always pot luck based on what you get. And having a card that can attack multiple enemies at the early stages is also very useful.
Ooh, I’ve just got to Level 50 now, about to get my ass kicked by the diamond and donut chaps.

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I think there’s an argument for Whirlwind being, in isolation, the best card in the game. Single-handedly trivialises lots of encounters and scales really well.

I only rarely end up choosing that card for some reason (especially if I have another multi hit card in my deck), but it has proved very useful at times.

In other news, I did indeed get my ass kicked.

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Since uninstalling Slay the Spire for addiction reasons I have been lacking a podcast game. I love being into a roguelike as I tend to blast through my to listen list.

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Euro Truck Sim 2 is always there waiting to become your podcast game

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So Epic Games finally ‘got me’

They put Control on sale for 33% off at £32 (still not low enough)
Then they put Steep, a game me and my friends want to piss about in online but didnt want to buy, up for free
I bought Steep for free and got given a £10 voucher for buying a game
Control is now £22
I bought Control
I’m now in their ecosystem. Its game over man

And now I have another £10 coupon and want to try Outerwilds…

I got Outerwilds

Got Control and Outerwilds for £30 total


I’m really enjoying control on ps4. Bloody love a good single player only campaign with a story and a beginning, middle and end.

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So if I sign up I can get Outer Wilds for 8 quid?

God damn it. Just after I’d ditched Origin too.

might get Outer Wilds cause it’s relatively cheap on PS Store (for a new game, it’s like 18 quid or something)

really fancy this (when the price has gone down :slight_smile: )

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