Gaming 2020 - Christmas sales now live across multiple storefronts

Happy 2020 everyone. Whatchu all playing? I’m hooked on Dragon Quest XI at the moment.

FF7 intro has leaked and it looks amazing.

Not a 1:1 recreation which I think I’m digging.


I got far enough in MGSV to move missions out of the desert yesterday, so I downloaded the DLC tombs for Shadow of The Tomb Raider (just to get it off my back) and Goose Game.

Haven’t played either yet.

Currently playing through FF7 at the moment, getting that nostalgia hit in. Will look at that intro later when I get the TV to myself.

Currently got Death Stranding, Golf Story, Tales of Vesperia to get into. No idea when I will find the time!

Really want to try Ring Fit Adventures, Fire Emblem Three Houses and Wattam when I get through this backlog.

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Playing and very much enjoying ‘Fallout 3’ at the moment. Only problem is the bugs, everything else is good.

Going to start ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ today as we got it for Christmas.

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Finally getting into God Of War at the 3rd/ 4th attempt. Find it takes me that long to get going on games now.

Gonna be a lean year $ wise, will be making the most of the free PS Plus games new and currently downloaded.

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Still juggling Death Stranding and Football Manager Touch here, with a side of Mega Drive Mini games to spice things up.

on chapter 5 of Death Stranding, suddenly escalated from hours of walking around delivering boxes to a huge chunk of story and other stuff, so we’ll see how that goes.

nearly deleted Football Manager Touch as I was getting so annoyed with it - keep having runs where I don’t win a match for like 7 games and then will win 5 on the bounce with the exact same team and tactics and it makes no sense. guessing it’ll be some bollocks where the team has better morale and wins and when it’s low they don’t, but there’s no way for me to influence that so :man_shrugging: had my first rage quit of the save whilst 6-0 down at home after an hour to bottom of the table Wolves, wiped out a couple of previous results and took a few days before I went back in again but results picked up for some reason so that’s good.

Yelling at a level on Crash Bandicoot

Thinking of skipping straight to 2 for a bit

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Updated our TV and gaming boxes over Christmas, so looking forward to giving something a spin either today or tomorrow: definite optioms- death stranding, control or star wars blah blah blah. No doubt I’ll just sit here and play slay the spire, handheld.

Just started playing Control which I got for Christmas.

:white_check_mark: Female protagonist and the story is a mixture of x files and house of Leaves. Lots of interesting ideas.

:heavy_minus_sign: Not that into the actual gameplay yet

Got loads on the go at the moment. Loads.

Jedi Fallen Order on PC, the rest on Switch.
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk (mental dungeon crawler from the Disgaea people)
Tales of Vesperia
Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair
Very occasionally and infrequently and not at all obsessively play Slay the Spire. It’s ok, I guess.

Also recently bought Ashen, Unravel 2, Ys VIII, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. On top of the standard backlog.

So obviously in view of all that to get through I’ve decided to start playing FF XIV, because MMOs don’t need very much of a time commitment or anything.


Immediately googles Control

Also Danielle Riendeau compared it to immersive sims on a podcast, iirc

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oh man I’m reading more about it and hope it’s in the ps store saleszs

Got this for Christmas and really enjoying it, in spite of being forced to do squats to beat monsters


The first game has some really weird difficulty spikes at odd points in the game. Which level is it?

I’ve got fond memories of 1 but 2 is definitely the peak. 3 went a bit too hard on the weird airplane/bike kinda levels.


the last couple have been bastards

the one I was losing my mind at for over an hour did was the weird heavenly bridge one (I remembered that you can boss a lot of it by walking along the ropes, but it was still tough); aaaaaand the one I’m on now has a lot of irksome sliding tiles where you have to time your jumps as not to land in fire pits!

Finished Luigi’s Mansion 3 after taking my sweet time with it. Really beautiful game, definitely one of my favourite Switch games, the final floor of the hotel was great and I loved the ending. So many little touches and great bits of game design.

Might play Rime next before tackling either Yakuza 0 or Persona 5.

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Oh man, thought it might be the bridge one. I think they made the rope trick more difficult as well because Crash’s model is less box-y and better defined.

Think you’re at the trickiest part of the game, in spite of a couple of difficult ones on the third island.

I’m impressed at my young self’s ability to have gotten quite far in the original (by memory at least, I also remember using a list of passwords I found in a cheats book) given how my memory of, for example, Final Fantasy games is that I’d get stuck amusingly early.

I even struggled with Gi Nattak in FF7, the boss you can defeat in one shot by using a Phoenix Down. Whadda LOSER

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I only ever got to the end with passwords the first time around (to be honest my experience with most PS games), the first time I beat it properly was with the remastered version last year. Felt goooood.

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my first* game of the year is ‘slay the spire’. congratulations ‘slay the spire’.

*if you don’t count me passing out drunk with ‘warframe’ running

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