Gaming 2021

Happy New Year everyone!

What’s everyone getting stuck into this year?

My dodgy looking mushroom people are slowly expanding their empire, looking for some intergalactic buddies on their quest for friendship

I should probably look up what games are coming out this year - all I know is that I’m getting Hitman 3 later this month and causing as much mischief in that as possible :+1:

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Saw a Reddit thread about WoW alternatives and Guild Wars 2 kept coming up, didn’t realise that was still going (and was mostly free!). Once my new laptop arrives might give that a cheeky go…

Been MMO clean for the best part of 8 years so maybe that would be a bad idea…

Am still enjoying assassin’s creed, big hairy vikings on the ps4. Have hades still on the go on the switch but I don’t think I’ll ever actually escape… I get walloped every time I make it to the second phase of the final boss.

Just won the League Cup with Burnley in my first season on Football Manager 2021 - Available now on Steam and Epic.


Gaming time has been a bit limited lately. Yet I’m still browsing sales and considering various bargains.

Is that immortal Felix the cat thing worth playing if you’ve totally rinsed breath of the wild?

Might launch Stellaris this year. Bought it in March.

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It’s great! Like Neptune’s Pride but with virtual beeves instead of real life beeves

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Currently very much enjoying ‘Forza Horizon 4’ so playing a lot of that.

Have to finish ‘FFVIII’, am on disc 3 now, might just finish out the storyline instead of being so meticulous about Triple Triad.

GF and I have started ‘The Witcher 2’, which seems decent for its age.

Got ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ for €6 with all the DLC and I am looking forward to it but I don’t know when I’ll get to start it.

The FF XIV free trial is very generous now. Best MMO I’ve ever played.

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Gave my daughter our old wii for Christmas with a couple of Lego games because she’s clocked up more than 60 hours on the Lego video game on my laptop. I thought she’d be amazed by the controls and she’d take to it really easily but she’s actually been really frustrated by it as she’s so used to the Xbox 360 controller. I’m surprised how fidgety I’ve found it all too even on Mario Galaxy and the like. it’s strange how an innovation from 10 years ago just feels like an imposition today. Revisiting wii sports was a real slog too.


Finishing off Yakuza Like A Dragon, which has been an absolute joy from the off. Great fun.

Also playing through Control, which is brilliant.

Got Death Stranding waiting for me after that, which I’ve played a few hours of so far.

Also got Dragon Quest XI and Divinity Original Sin 2 ready to go. Lots of very big games.

For 2021, the big thing I’m looking forward to is hopefully Elden Ring. Nioh 2 is out next month so I’ll likely get that at some point, and the new Lego Star Wars thing looks like it’ll be good to play with mah banbeano.

I’m trying to enjoy doom eternal as much as 2016 but its hard. The UI is really shitty and the graphics are more cartoonish and gaudy, so it’s tough to look at. Platforming is OK, I guess it’s there to make the encounters seem more intense by comparison, but I’d rather just be blasting through demons and doing the platforming to find secrets. I like the demon weak points, the dash and the chain pull - these are very good additions.


Been playing Going Under whenever the babba is sleeping. Roguelike game where you are an intern at a start-up and have to battle through dungeons of failed start-ups.

It is not anything super special, but has been a good way to chill out during the last week. It is pretty charming and has a nice loop, good half awake time passer in the middle of the night haha.

Redownloaded Death Stranding as a chill game, just going to wander the landscapes I think and lose myself in.

Evil Within 2 seems close to completion

Tempted to move on to Silent Hill 4 on the PC for some more fine survival horror terrorstalgia

Maybe Persona 4

That came up a lot in the thread too, thought it would be the top rec so was surprised GW2 seemed to pip it.

Dragon Quest XI is incredible, favourite game I played last year by a long way


I am playing Assassin’s Creed 3 and having a nice time leaping about the place

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Ff14 is great but holy shot the start of the game is pretty dull. All the good shit starts getting it reduced like 30hrs in and it doesnt really get going until like hour 50… but then it becomes the nest final fantasy

Is Dragon Quest like Final Fantasy in that they’re all fairly standalone? Considering getting 11 cause tbh the prospect of tier 4 and an indefinite period of Tories managing a pandemic has me in the mood for a fuckoff massive JRPG.

(if only the Persona 4 port was available on more convenient systems than just PC, else I’d be way more sure about getting that)

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Yes they’re all their own thing

Dragon Quest 11 both feels and plays out like an entire stnadalone season of a Saturday morning anime with you going into one scenario after the next with a greater overarching plot looming in the distance.