Gaming thread spin-off: What games would make a good film/TV series

A few and a recent movie that’ll be on Netflix UK this year.

Should do a film of Mario I reckon.

As a kid, the video game came into my consciousness way before the film. I remember actually watching the film years later, without the knowledge, and thinking…“this is very familiar”

It’s in the works from the lads who did Minions and that.


It’s in the “pipe” line

@thesewoodenideas got there first but I have a pun


May I suggest Dennis Hopper for a major role.


Last Of Us

D would make a great film too

A boo?

They world really needs another ‘humans are the real monsters’ tv show (the only good thing about that lore is how logical the outbreak is)

Yeah, him and Hoskins.

It’s what they would have wanted!

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Would actually be quite funny if he was the voice of Bowzer. May even persuade me to watch it

(Is he still alive?)

I don’t think so.

If Charles Martinet isn’t the voice of Mario in the new movie they can go fuck themselves!

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Crash Bandicoot

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Gitaroo man

(not a joke about him being dead, i just don’t know any games beyond the early 00s)


Elite might work well. As a framework it’s really simple, but I guess The Expanse has kind of cornered the “space politics the Aliens appear” market.

Half-Life is a ready-made fun series, no?

The Day of the Tentacle could probably be turned into something incredibly wacky.

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Lol nah I thought maybe you didn’t know he was dead :grin:

Obviously, obviously, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantic is the 4th Indy film we were denied :sob: