⚽ Give time to the lemons: Football in September 2023 ⚽

  • Leicester City
  • Draw
  • Hull
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“Ryan knows he has to improve things but he’s 21, it would be crazy if not. But he is super-talented, he can drive the ball, he can be a box-to-box threat,” said Klopp.

That first bit sounds like he’s letting him know he won’t be starting games

Bit annoying to lose Sinisterra so late in the window. Squad and attack still in decent shape but he could’ve been the real difference-maker/best player in the division. Glad we got some cover from the other direction at least.

Reckon we might’ve stayed up had he been fit last season. Looked like he could’ve been as good as Raphinha. Will be very annoying if he ends up staying fit enough to start for Bournemouth every week now.

Gnonto aside, basically the last of the mercenary dickheads that nobody at Leeds will remember fondly because all they had was the miserable 2022-23 season. Difficult to overstate how much of a disaster last summer’s transfer window was and how much spice Orta must’ve been on to dish out all those suicidal loan clauses.

  • Argyle
  • Blackburn
  • Draw
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Missed Forest signing Origi too. Blimey

Chelsea play Forest today. If both teams introduce their new faces to the crowd, kick off is going to be delayed by several hours.

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Been working on the Liverpool and Arsenal squad depth graphics this morning and pleased to report they should be with you no later than close of play Monday.


Would be good if we can get one for Villa as well? About time we all made an effort to try and give Teckers less of an easy ride in here

I’ll do the big clubs first, then we’ll do your Villas, Spurses, Lutons.


Who’s getting the winner then - Andreas, Willian, or Vinicius?


Great start to the season for West Ham.

I’m very much looking forward to Moyes bigging himself up for getting it going so well l, ahead of the inevitable collapse when it will all immediately stop being any of his responsibility.


Sad to see him go but he wasn’t really getting games anymore so happy he’s getting a decent move to the prem (for now at least), has bags of potential and once famously and firmly placed C. Ronaldo in his pocket.

@boxtoboxelder @gregor i assume you have no idea how this Hwang lad we’ve loan swapped for is and he doesn’t appear to have ever played?


Tone AND bugduv uniting in their fear of Villa? There hasnt been an alliance so unholy since the Corporate Ministry brought Pete Gas and Mideon together! I better rethink my strategy


Union’s first ever Champions League away at the Bernabéu, unreal :smiling_face_with_tear:

First “home” game is Braga just before my birthday which is quite tempting… :thinking:

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From the little I’ve seen he’s fairly mobile and quick, but no obvious string suit. I think he’s got decent feet, the ball won’t be bouncing off him. He might kick on with you.

Your club:

  • We won the transfer window
  • We drew the transfer window
  • We lost the transfer window
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This transfer window in general:

  • The point at which it all became a bit too much
  • It was good actually. I enjoyed it
  • Perfunctory comedy option for cowards
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Fair play, that’s a shite day of Barclay’s fixtures. Roll on the international break


Hes basically there for cover while Sargent is out injured so a hardworking creative wide forward/no. 10 essentially there to feed Ashley Barnes

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Was going to say lost, but we kept Olise, Eze, Doucoure, Guehi and Andersen, so call it a draw. But we didn’t really replace Zaha or get another striker.

Really pleased with Lerma on a free. Henderson is a good keeper. But we lack so much squad depth and strikers. I’m guessing some of our good under 21s might get a chance.

Holding is an odd one, I was expecting Chris Richards to depart. But I’m thinking we might be getting him in ready for Guehi to go in January.

I’m not quite sure how the likes of Bournemouth can shell out £200m.

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