Glastonbury 2024

Ticket & Coach packages: 6PM GMT, THURSDAY, 2ND NOVEMBER


Deposits have increased to £75

The ticket price is £355.


oooh, the last time I naively got my hopes up for getting a ticket only to feel disappointment and relief for my bank balance was pre-pandemic, the good times are back baby

what sorta prices have we been talking in previous years? attempting to dip my toes in for the first time …

£20 increase. Was fearing worse, although I’m sure someone on here suggested they’d been told they weren’t increasing the price at all…

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We were hoping for a Thursday bus ticket but there’s not really a feasible departure point for us :slightly_frowning_face: we’ll have to take our chances in the main sale and just get whatever we can from Preston with National Express (which will come at a massive gouge).

They do a lot of talk about green traveller credentials but they absolutely do not back it up by making bus travel convenient or affordable.


I’ll obviously still face hell or high water to be there tho. Fuckers. It really is the best.

Who’s headlining? Olivia Rodrigo’s gotta be in there, right? And Hazza Styles? Dula Peep? Perhaps even Madonna??? (No)

Manifesting Stevie Nicks for the Legend Slot

Let’s see if my stamina boosting exercises get me to a state where I can actually stay up past 3am these days. I’ve got my trangia stove back now, I’ll be saving big on breakfast and coffee like I used to before I became corporate and profligate. Please gods let me be crying happy tears in the Greenpeace field again in 2024!!!

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Pros: it’s a birthday glastonbury, it’s just down the road
Cons: three hundred and sixty pounds to stay in a tent for five days, don’t have a big festival crew anymore

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I’ve come to accept I’ll never go again


Might actually try for tickets this year


I think it’s Jimmy Nail’s time to headline


singer in my band works on the build every year and reckons he might be able to get all of us in working

which would also mean being there for the festival, staying right in the middle with our instruments, so could probably find a few cheeky gig slots


You’re lying

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Hearing King Arthur lined up for Legends slot


Between him and a lad called Donkey from Barnsley

and £5 more for the London coaches.

Do they release the coach times beforehand?

Guessing it’ll be every hour / half hour from 6am on the Wed?

wiggo spinning in the whole of dis for £250 a pop ladies and gents


Money seems to be on Dave, Dua, Coldplay for the headliners… ORod on the other stage probably? Maybe the Prodigy too…

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Dave and Dua are good choices. Obvs Coldplay is a dull af choice but the festival does seem to need at least one band like that per year.

Just had an e-mail that just gave a me a mini heart attack. Basically from ‘see tickets’ to let you know that because I didn’t re-register my details have been deleted. Usually take no notice or these but seeing Glastonbury and how recently we had to register it did get me in a panic. Obviously the look of the e-mail should give it away but after a search it seems a number of people on Reddit have fell for it

Just to make people aware really