Glastonbury discovery

True. Had forgotten how many great choons she’s got.

We’re at Brighton Pride next month and her Glastonbury set has certainly whet our appetites!

Caught up with SVEs set last night. While I wasn’t at the festival it was a nice reminder for anyone who has seen her on her recent tour. So much great material left off the setlist these days too due to time constraints. As we approach the end of the 2010s I think she will take the imagenary honor of my artist of the decade.

As for the OPs initial question. So far I’ve only watched sets of acts I’ve known (apart from miley Cyrus I guess).

Yeah - they really do to use a slightly annoying football cliche - “leave nothing out on the pitch (or should that be the dressing room)” - full intensity and very entertaining/engrossing - excellent frontman

Sharon Van Etten also sang a song with Jeff Goldblum if anyones interested

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Alexis from Hot Chip likes to layer up

Was already a fan of both, but have come away from iPlayer really impressed by both Little Simz and Koffee.

More of an anti-discovery but I finally listened to that Idles album everyone on here raved about, after seeing literally every third white man at Glastonbury in one of their shirts.

Just very alright punk without much to differentiate them from considerably better bands? Is it the novelty lyrics? Genuinely a bit baffled about how popular they’ve become. The music is so indistinct, just a general heavy chugging along.


Amazing live though.

My discovery this year was Georgia

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She was great. Love that tune.

Not a discovery for me but Cat Powers set was a beauty. Never seen her live but have read the reports over the years. She seemed quite nervy and a bit fixated on her mic levels but her voice is so good and the music matched it. Real good. Need to watch the SVE set by the sounds of it. Idles was good, love his passion and couldn’t help but well up a bit at some of his very honest chat.

Not much been said about Christine and the Queens. I hadn’t really listened to her much but that set was such an eye opener. Great show as well, she can really really dance!! Been rinsing her LPs all week.

She used to work at Rough Trade,

The latest Swindle album No More Normal is some easy fun UK hip hop

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No mention of Jungle yet. They were one of my personal favourites of the weekend.

I’m also a bit baffled by their zealous following - seem like decent guys and like a bit of punk but never really got into them…and have given it plenty a chance…that said I only saw about 1 or 2 idles t-shirts* at Glastonbury…although one of the cameramen at the cricket is clearly a fan - focussing in on a rightfully excited 6 music listener (just a hunch being one myself) in an Idles t-shirt at least 3 times towards the game’s denouement

*Patagonia on the other hand